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How to maintain good hygiene in the children’s room

The children’s room is one of the places at home where the perfect hygiene is of great importance. However, sometimes this is a real challenge, and even the most confident parents feel powerless and wonder how to keep the room clean.

And as you know, cleanliness is not only aesthetically important. The immune system of all young children is not fully developed, and therefore they are more susceptible to germs. So remember – hygiene is of paramount importance if you want to keep your children healthy!

With their typical negligence, most kids constantly create chaos around here. They play outside and then bring in a lot of dirt in the room.

At the same time they touch anywhere and sit on the ground being exposed to numerous viruses and bacterias.

And when your kids invite their friends at home the situation becomes disastrous. There are toys scattered everywhere, clouds of dust rise to the ceiling, and the chaos is difficult to describe in words. After all, for many mothers proves a virtually impossible task to maintain the order in the children’s room.

However, this is not so difficult as long as you know what to do. Here are five golden rules for a good level of hygiene in the children’s room:

1. Vacuuming

Vacuuming should be done at least once a week, although it is desirable, in the presence of free time of course, to vacuum the room of your kids even more often (for example two or three times a week).

And do not forget – cleaning should be done slowly and carefully.

2. Cleaning with detergents

You should clean once a week all the wooden furniture in the children’s room with a special wood cleaner.

Besides keeping the room clean, it will make your wooden furniture shining. Windows and glass surfaces should be cleaned with a glass cleaner. Do not forget to pick up less harmful cleaning products.

3. Ventilation

Ventilation should become a regular habit, and you should do it as often as possible. If weather allows, for example during the summer season, you can keep your windows permanently open (of course, if you live in a safe area with very low levels of crime!).

During the winter months is recommended to ventilate the room at least twice a day – once in the morning when the kids wake up and once in the evening before to put your children to bed.

You will immediately feel a sense of freshness and purity, which the clean winter air carries in the room. On the other hand the kids will sleep much better.

4. Laundry

Bed linen should be changed and washed at least once every two weeks, ie at least twice a month. Otherwise, the bed may offer a good environment for mites that feed on dead skin cells.

These small creatures are in fact quite dangerous because they are able to cause allergies. Also, you should wash the curtains often. For example once every 2 or 3 months is acceptable.

Remember that the carpet should also be washed (once per season is good). And it would be very good if you have a hot steam cleaner near at hand.

5. Organizing the room

Here we are at the last step of the magic five rules of good hygiene in the children’s room. This is not so difficult and you can ask your kids for help.

In addition, this is a good routine habit. For example, you can ask them to organize the room five or six days a week, but you can offer them your help during the weekends.

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