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Magic paint improves home environment

In case you already have a kid of your own and wondered what in God’s name has happening at your home, this one is for you. One day all children become wall painters in different style- cubist, minimalist, sketch masters and so on and so forth. They just need a pen, pencil, chocolate fingers or a piece of tomato to make their masterpiece. And they do not like to use the proper sheet of paper, no. They always insist using the wall for their results of inspiration. In the beginning it’s kind of funny, but after you realize that your home is becoming a bad-drawn cathedral it’s not that cool anymore. It’s a mess.


And since you are fed up with this, you wonder if you should hide all the things that can leave marks on the walls or something else better. This “something else better” can be a special paint. The innovative products are already out there in the market. They represent a different paint components and can transform your walls at home easily with their abilities to be cleaned “piece-of-cake” easily.


The characters of these new paint contents are with a lot higher level of silicon in them. What’s the difference? Well, it’s the most important part of the game. With these qualities the paint receives exquisite super powers. Hence you can draw whatever you like on it, you can mess it up, you can leave spots and traces, and still- after that clean it with a single swing of a hand and a piece of cloth. A lot more easier than repainting the whole wall all over again.

Most of these paint products have the ability to dry very fast. They come in variety of colors, which makes them adjustable to any kind of crazy (or not boring) design that pops up in your mind.
And if we put it without joking you will probably figure out that the kind of innovative paint we are talking about can transform not only your kid’s room in a creative space. It is great decision for building new kind of office spaces, where the communication can be shown through this new perspective.

Another extra feature – some of these products, painted on a wall allow you to attach magnets to them. It is great for working spaces and leaves a minimalistic feeling in the room- no hangers, not too many shelves, no dashboards and no nails.


For us the most important part of these new products is the ability to allow your children to express themselves through art, painting, drawing, sketching or just messing up the wall with their childish imagination. This can improve your communication with the little fellas and bond you even more with them, while drawing together.

The common idea is that most of these products are completely harmless to people and gentle to nature, cause they are water-based.

All of these extra features of the paint are irreplaceable in a creative manner and quite useful in long terms. This allows you to make your plans in the designing of your office, your working space and most important of your kid’s room.

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