Is putting living vegetation in the living room a good idea

Living rooms and living vegetation – the green way

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The living room is a staple room of the American home, it’s called a den or a family room for a reason – this is where most recreational family activities happen – so it’s no wonder that people spend so much time figuring out how they want to make them look.

Vegetation and plants in general are a highly discussed topic in interior design, as most people side for the green, leafy friends, and some prefer to leave the plants for the garden.

As a matter of fact, the opinion of others does not really matter in this regards, as it is your own personal living room, and your personal plants and leafy friends – the desire to refresh your living room by putting plants or living vegetation in it is a deeply personal topic.

And before we get accused of a double standard, it’s important to note that we are simply stating the facts so you can take a better decision based on your personal preferences.

Why the living room can use some living things

Aside from humans and pets, the living room can be a place for other living things, like plants and other types of vegetation. There is an utilitarian use for them, aside from their natural aesthetic and suiting colors.

Benefits and hazards of having plants in the living room

Plants are a natural purifier of air they take get oxygen and hydrogen from water and air and then dissipate it into CO2 which then falls into the soil so the plant can release O2 back into the air.

This endless cycle of contraction and extraction enriches the air around them, removing any impurities – the CO2 emissions are a factor in sleeping arrangements and it is not recommended that you sleep where plants live.

CO2 is a lot heavier than oxygen molecules and take up important space in your hemoglobin, basically starving your body of oxygen, slowly but surely.

It takes quite a while for the body to remove this saturation and return to normal, so it’s best to keep the plants to areas where there are not people sleeping for extended periods of times.

In terms of a design choice, depending your current arrangements of furniture and colors, natural green hues are a very welcome change and the shapes and behaviors of leafs and petals can go great with some good design choices.

Granted interior design is a lot more permanent than flowers, so you can view them more as an accessory rather than a permanent solution to an interior design.