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Live simply. The Scandinavian way

Each house needs its own way of look, its own style, which is connected with the needs of the inhabitants. One of the main pillars of a reasonable home is the kitchen. A lot of things start from there. It’s not only about cooking, not only about eating. It’s also about bonding the family together, exploring and finding new measures in connection between people.
We rather think that there is one word that can fully appreciate and explain the whole idea in a personal home as it has to be. It is simplicity. Not in the meaning of less stuff or privation. No, not at all. Simplicity in manner of constructive and genuine personality of the dwelling. The idea that our home is our fortress and we must do whatever it takes to improve it not only with utensils or additional furniture, but with a feeling, a personal touch. Which describes what lies beneath.

Northern folks are pretty good example of a tendency in furbishing and modeling the dwellings without extravagant and additional items, filling up the premise. It’s about environment and everything is on purpose. With its distinctive meaning and reason to be there in the room.
It’s also about clean lines, sample color pallets and ranges of material in the furniture. Kind of a hard task it is to talk about something that has to be seen and felt. Even though the Scandinavian style is deeply connected to the minimalistic trends in the design and vision, there are lots of things which can be considered in order to refurbish one place into a Nordic-like dwelling landscape.  Scandinavian homes have that pure, pared backed style that is centered around warmness and functionality. Almost everything has clean lines. Flawless craftsmanship and understated elegance are the ways to reach the outlook of the dwelling. The use of light is really basic and extremely important, and many Scandinavian homes are characterized by the use of earthy muted tones, honest materials and minimal ornamentation. Just as we said before- there is no need of things we do not need.

Wall to wall carpets never took off in Sweden and all truly Scandinavian interiors will mostly have a wooden (our favorite), preferably light, floor in all rooms apart from the bathrooms.

White walls and cool gray to blue textiles give off the extraterrestrial and in the same time absolutely earthly ambiance of the Scandinavian home and interior. Nevertheless there are quite additional textiles in colors, distinct from the “dull” ones.

As we said- wood. It’s quite the best material which can be used for most of the furniture and flooring at such a home. Incorporate cladding on walls and bravely enough on the ceilings creates that feeling of warmness and presence of nature at home.

Clean lines. Not only for the architectural planning but for the furniture themselves. This minimalistic approach does not limit or restrict the ideas. It is actually about functionality and usage of everything that is in the concrete room of the dwelling. It makes all things very livable.

The mid-century has provided us with great Scandinavian designers even till now. Hans Wegner, Alvar Alto are some of the best representatives whose projects make vivid the whole idea of the Scandinavian outlook and vision.

Since you would like to start from somewhere in building your so called Scandinavian home you should think about a fireplace. We all know that winter in the northern parts of the world (in this case Europe) are pretty harsh, so there is always a need of a additional way to warm up the rooms in a dwelling. Lots of Scandinavian design have a build-in fireplace in the living room. They are often a simple column located in the corner of the room. Sometimes it is decorated with additional stones of tiles.

A very distinctive approach to nature are the principles of the building of Scandinavian homes. Swedes for example have been pretty aware and nowadays have put their homes into “eco-friendly” regime. Triple-glazing, very good and proper insulation of walls, roofs, ceilings and floors, ground source heat pumps. Sounds pretty amazing and functional, we know.

Many families have built their extra room inside or outside the house. Scandinavians just love the special connection with nature actually. There are plenty of balconies, terraces, constructed even to small apartments. Perfect for outside barbecues and gatherings.

No accessories
No unnecessary additional accessories are needed in this kind of homes. Just because the belief that thing we do not need, things we do not actually use have no place at our homes. This way everything will be clear enough for us to take a peek at the real important things in life, beyond objects.

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