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4 Cheap and easy kid’s room improvements

Children, just like the adults, need change of environment. A lot of our readers are homeowners with children, and one of the most asked questions we receive is “What are easy and cheap children’s room improvements we can make?” Today’s topic will explore what we’ve learned from personal and professional experience in terms of kid’s room improvements.

Cheap, easy but also impactful at the same time

There are several aspects of a room which determine the way the room will feel and the atmosphere which will be created with their implementation. The following for are deemed to be one of the biggest factors and thus, are the first things that you should think about when looking for an easy improvement.

Textile blinds

Blinds are a fantastic way of controlling the presence of natural light, however, they can be quite expensive. There are all sorts of blinds out there, made from a wide range of materials – from wooden, to aluminum, metal and even cotton.

The cheapest and most impactful types of blinds are those made from colored textiles with a vertical mechanism for level control. Those types of blinds are quite easy to install, maintain and they can create a sort of a colored light filter for the light of the room.

In this way, you not only control the color of the light, but also its intensity, giving the space a more cozy feeling, while also not preventing natural light from entering. These types of textile blinds are quite cheap to manufacture and can even be DIY made from any sort of textile, most commonly made from natural cotton.

New paint

The color of the walls creates the overall atmosphere of the room. They are its foundation and they are the most seen aspect of any room. If you want to create an impactful change in a room, one of the cheapest ways of achieving this is by painting the walls in a different color.

The color choice should be a bit duller, less vibrant, since children are more easily stimulated by their environment and a vibrant color might make it difficult for them to fall asleep. Easy going, light colors like baby blue, aqua, light pink, egg-shell white and light green are a great choice and even better place to start the changes.

Soft area rugs

Soft and fluffy are rugs can dampen the noise, make the room feel warmer and can provide a cozy and soft surface for your children to step and play on. Area rugs are not as expensive as carpeting or whole rugs and can be used as situational and contextual visual accents of a room.

Their fluffy and soft nature will add to the tranquil and relaxing nature of your child’s room, while also providing them with comfort and the pleasant sensation of a soft touch.

Hanging flower plants

Hanging anything in a child’s room is a hazard, however, there are simply systems which you could utilize to hang flowers and plants from walls and ceilings. If you are concerned about the child reaching them, you can raise them to the appropriate height.

The presence of vegetation and flowers creates the feeling of closeness with nature, reducing stress and providing a nice, relaxing feeling in the room. They are also a great addition because they can be used as a teaching tool for the child, both in terms of responsibility and the different life cycles in nature.


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