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Is your kitchen small or you just haven’t optimised your space

It is a fact that modern homes, especially when it comes to apartments, are really very small and the area is very limited, but it is also a fact and one more thing – we ourselves don’t know how to take advantage of the space we have available.

The kitchen is part of the problem

This problem doesn’t go unnoticed in the kitchen, where storage space is even more limited. It is in the kitchen that we make some big mistakes that deprive us of valuable space (read more in Home-Blogger.com).

Fridge is too big

One of the most common mistakes is that many people bet on too big refrigerators. On the one hand, if your household consists of a small number of people, you will probably never fill this appliance completely. On the other hand, it is a waste of space that you can use for something more important. Instead of buying a 2-metre-tall refrigerator, invest in a smaller one and install a cupboard over the fridge.

Dishwasher – do you really need it

If you are single or just live with your partner, the dishwasher is very unnecessary. In fact, it will slow you down and make it harder to wash the dishes than help you do it faster. Not to mention that it is a waste of water in this case.

Expired products

Yes, exactly. Most people have a whole bunch of boxes and packages of food that have expired and are not suitable for consumption. If you clean your cabinets from them, the contents of the cabinets will decrease by about 1/3.

Improper distribution of appliances in the room

If you have a really small kitchen in your home, then you need to think about solutions that are designed specifically for small kitchens. Instead of arranging all the appliances and cabinets only horizontally, you should also think about what can be arranged in height.


With these and some other small changes, you will remain very surprised of how much empty space you actually have in your home.   


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