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Is there something better than luxury bathrooms

For the longest time, the pinnacle of bathroom design was the luxury bathroom, with cold encrusted water taps, marble floors, beautifully sculpted bathtub and all of the necessary space you want.

But there might be something out there that is a lot better than this – a simplistic approach that affordable yet beautiful.

How to achieve the ultimate results

It has always been the homeowner’s goal to create the best possible house, for the most reasonable amount of money – all of the necessary vanity you need, every utility you can think of, and still not break the bank.

With new developments of materials, manufacturing technologies and resource availability, bathroom designers have started using very simplistic shapes that have the feel of a luxury item, without costing as much.

Nowadays it’s possible for everyone to enjoy a nice looking bathroom without it costing an arm and a leg – now you are able to get the bathroom of your dreams, with enough light and colors to ensure an enjoyable stay.

After all this is where we relax, this is where we cleanse ourselves, so it’s no wonder we spend so much time on picking out bathroom furniture and vanities.

What it means to have luxury at a good price

So we aim to achieve beauty without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on something that you can get a lot cheaper – while for some it is a symbol of status, to others it is a waste of space and money.

As they say money talks – wealth whispers – for a stylish choice, you might as well go for a more simplistic look which will alleviate stress simple from looking around.

In fact, the more cluttered a room is, the more the eye stresses on the objects, because it wants to explore everything – this straining, after a long day at work, is tiresome and you will not enjoy yourself.

While a gold plated Jacuzzi sounds nice, thing of all of the colors and light deflection – then come back to a simplistic bathroom and simply take a load of your chest.

It is more important that a bathroom keeps its functionality than having a luxurious look- for a change, accept a more modest look – get some floating countertops and a built in sink.

Get one from stone rather than porcelain, choose lighter colors as they refract light better – accentuate certain areas with darker colors as to draw attention to them.

With a smart design you can get a luxurious feel without paying 1/15 of the cost of a super expensive bathroom – being smart pays more than being rich.

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