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Is it worth turning your living room into a home theater

For homeowners around the world, the question of whether it’s worth turning the living room into a home theater or using it as an entertainment center without a dedicated projector and screen.

While it is quite tempting to use a blanket statement for “Yes” or “No”, it is a lot more involved to actually explore this topic at least for a little bit.

Movie theater traditions and movie experience

The reason people want to replicate the feeling of being in a movie theater without actually being there, is because there is something very right about the whole affair of going to the movies.

The popcorn, the snacks that you sneak in, the starting credits, the dimmed lights, the large screen and the loud noises – there’s something about immersion that allows you go into the movie and be more involved than other mediums.

So it is no wonder, then, that so many people want to replicate this feeling and spend some quality time in their living room, however, are not sure if they want to invest the space, time of setup and money for a home theater.

Sure, movies are great, but nowadays you can watch one on your phone, why invest so much when you can just watch it on a smaller screen anywhere.

That’s right, because you enjoy the immersion and the environment of the movie theater, rather than staring at a small screen for 3 hours.

There are some distinguishing ways which a home theather is a lot better than a real life one – the bathroom breaks, home snacks and personal touch to the experience.

Why a home movie theater is a tempting living room design

Another added benefit is that you don’t have to put up with other people’s reactions, you can pick and choose whomever you want – you are the boss, it’s your popcorn as they say.

So the added benefit of a simulated movie experience, the personalized touch and the comfort of your home seem like some pretty good reasons to go for such an interior design approach.

The convenience plus the other benefits, add greatly to the scales towards the home version, however, the dedicate space greatly diminishes your options when it comes to interior and furniture.

Another thing to consider is whether you’d really be using it or you simply like the idea of it, are you really that into movies and the theater experience?

If you are, then this is the right choice for you, if are not such a filmophile then you might go for a more modest entertainment center which can also be a very nice choice for watching movies and shows at home.

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