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Is it time for us to buy an air fryer

You’ve probably heard more and more of your close friends and relatives talking about the so-called air fryers lately. And you probably have been wondering why most of them have already completely replaced the good old traditional fryers.

Well, this is definitely an appliance that has a great future for many reasons but most notably because air fried food is much healthier and much less harmful for us.

What is actually an air fryer

The average air fryer (see in Home-Blogger.com) is a small device that usually does not exceed 40-50 centimetres in height, and usually, the average price is quite comfortable for most of us (most of the models on the Internet are less than $100.


Sounds great, right? But that’s not all. In addition, it is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is put the products in a small container, turn on the appliance and within 20 minutes you will have one, two or three portions of wonderful and delicious food.

Fry without fat

Everyone loves french fries, fried fish or chicken bites, Chinese food and what not. The problem with traditional deep fryers is that they require cooking with a huge amount of fat (mostly, sunflower oil).


Leaving aside the ever-increasing prices of different types of vegetable oils, frying is harmful in general due to the high amount of fat it requires, and also as a result of the very nature of heat treatment of these fats.

Extremely harmless and useful

Air fryers allow you to prepare food with only using a hot stream of air, in which there is nothing harmful and dangerous. To avoid your food becoming dry during the preparation, you can add just one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and you will have an extremely healthy and vitamin-rich lunch.

It might help you to lose weight easier

It could be a helpful instrument to add to your weekly routine and make your weight loss goals easier to reach because of the smaller amount of fats it requires in the process of cooking your food.



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