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Is it ok to have plants in the bedroom

There are many choices for homeowners nowadays to give their bedroom a much needed attention, from duvets, to special curtains, printed pillowcases and even plants.

But is it safe to have plants where you sleep or should they be reserved for the kitchen and garden?

Green means good, right?

The general impression is that plants, flowers and small trees are our friends, and 99% they are, however, a deeper dive into the science of photosynthesis shows that, during the night, plants can actually be dangerous.

What observations of oxygen cycles show is that, during the day, plants release oxygen into the air, enriching the mixture, however, during the night, the breath out CO2.

To understand why this is dangerous in the long run we must remember 5th grade science and anatomy of the human blood cell. Its role is to carry oxygen around the body, distributing it to every cell it comes into contact with, giving it fuel to continue its feeding process.

Blood cells have special pockets that store oxygen, however, CO2, which is a natural byproduct of breathing and natural body processes, is also transported into the lungs to be exhaled.

Prolonged exposure to CO2 results in the deoxidization of the body and it’s cells, with the brain being the most demanding of them all.

What you need to be careful about

Since plants breathe out CO2 during the night when you are sleeping and brain is most active, prolonged exposure will saturate your blood stream with the natural gas, which does not bode well.

Since it is a lot heavier than O2, carbon dioxide will remain longer into the small pockets of each blood cell, preventing your body from fully oxygenating itself.

So, having home plants in the bedroom might not be the best idea ever, though it would take years before there are any noticeable signs of damage to your body due to lack of oxygen.

It should be noted that those deprived of O2 for prolonged periods of time have significantly slower brain function and problems with concentration.

In these cases it is recommended that you stay away from plants in the evening or sleeping in a room with a large amount of plants – they will eventually suffocate you. You can, however, have a small house plant on the window sill, if you are so inclined, because green is good.

In fact the cycle of breathing will level out and purify the air in the room during the day-night cycle – and with the proper plants, like cacti, you will be a lot safer and would have a lot less hassle with plant maintenance.

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