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Is a humidifier a good idea for a kid’s room

The home is a place where one should feel safe and secure, but when its reason that you feel discomfort it means that you should do something about it – especially if it’s in the kid’s room.

They are our most precious resource and they deserve the best and when the air in their room is too dry, there are some ways for you to make their sleep a lot better – a humidifier?

Is a humidifier a final solution

Just like any solution there are conditions to its effectiveness and the same goes for a humidifier in a child’s room – the benefits might also be a detriment for the room itself and it’s functionality if not done properly.

For instance by introducing moisture into the air, overdoing it might cause condensation on the walls and it will result in mold – if the reservoir of the dispenser is not cleaned, it will introduce bacteria into the air.

So whenever you are considering getting such a device, make sure you read the instructions properly and get a device for detecting moisture in the air, anything between 20 and 50% is justifiable, anything over and it’s a problem.

What are the conditions a humidifier treats

If your child has a problem with a dry couch, dryness of the throat, problems with sleeping, sore lips and lungs when they wake up, the in all likelihood the air in the room is dry due to air conditioning.

Such kinds of problems are prevalent during winter time when all of the air passes through the filtration system, heating it up in order which draws most of moisture from the air.

Children are particularly susceptible to respiratory problems and dryness because of their gentle bodies, though adults are not immune to it either, and if the problem is dry air a humidifier seems like a good idea.

However, you need to consider introducing water into the air as a gateway to asthma due to the introduction of bacteria into the air.

There are some machine which purify the water and use heat to treat it, though their use is not recommended in a child’s room due to burns occurring – it has a heating element that might be a problem for them.

There are ozone machine which purify the water from any bacteria but they can be quite expensive – the most common way is to often clean the water reservoir with hot water.

If you are using detergents to clean it be sure to clean it thoroughly otherwise any leftover residue will be introduced into the air, which is not a good thing to happen.

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