Do we need a new fence?

How to Install a New Fence

The fence brings security and privacy, sets a finishing touch to the nice backyard zone and adds a value to each property. The main purpose of the fence is to set the parameters of the property and is also a way to present it as an extension of the home. By installing a fence, you can provide a secure zone for your kids to play at, and a special place where friends and family can gather.

But how much should you spend on a fence? Well, this depends on the materials used and the size of the backyard. The homeowners today can choose from a great variety of materials depending on their lifestyle, the exterior of the house, and their budget.

Building Materials for the Fence

Wood fences – these seem to be the most famous fences for severa reasons. They bring warm, they are esthetic and they are relatively inexpensive. The wooden fences are very popular in the new neighborhoods. The most sought after are the privacy wooden fences, but aso the classic picket fences and the post & rail fences for the larger properties.

The Southern yellow pine is among the most popular types of wood as it comes with great resistance to pests and is good for the budget. Another choice is the Western red cedar, which has strong natural resistance to insects and increased durability. Among the other popular wood choices are the spruce, the redwood and the fir. The wood can be treated with a moisture sealand and can be highlighted with paint, which also adds longevity to the fence. Longevity of the fence is also insured by fence post maintenance.

Vinyl / PVC fences – these are popular among the propert owners who are looking for durability and versatility. The vinyl fences offer a variety of colors and styles.

Ornamental steel and aluminum fences – these fences offer a very classic and elegant look to each property and are more than perect for showing the beautiful landscaping of the garden. These fences are rust-resistant and are very durable. Theu have the same appearance as the wrought iron fences, but are cost efective.

Chain-link fences – these are long-lasting and very affordable. They usually come in grey color, but other color-coats are available as well.

Install the Fence Yourself Or Search for a Contractor

If you love the do-it-yourself challenges, may be you should try your hand at the fence installation. Before you do that however, you should know several important things – where your property line is, are there any restrictions connected with the zoning code, if there are any underground lines that you should be careful about when digging the holes for the fence posts. In case you find that overwhelming, try to find a contractor and ask for references, a written contract and for a certificate for insurance.

Final words

Whatver you decide, remember that you are adding value to your property and forming a lovely outdoor area for the entire family.