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Should You Consider Getting an Induction Stove

Whether you enjoy cooking and approach it as a hobby, or it’s just a daily task that you have to get through, cutting on heating time would make the experience a lot more enjoyable.

Nowadays technology is so well developed, that there actually exists a way to heat your pans immediately.

If you want to get all the advantages that the modern world offers, you might consider getting an induction cooker for your kitchen.

The Pros and Cons of Induction Cooking

Induction stoves heat vessels without using thermal energy from a flame or electricity, but rather by an electromagnetic current that generates heat.

Underneath their surface is a copper wire that creates a magnetic current when you put a specific magnetic pot on the stove. The current heats only the pot and not the surface of the cooker.

Induction cooking has numerous advantages against traditional methods, which are likely to make you consider improving your kitchen with such a stove.

Fast Cooking

The main reason why induction cookers have become so popular is that they reach high temperature almost instantaneously. Heating your food faster cuts on the time spent while cooking at least twice.

The reason for that is that the electromagnetic cycle forms as soon as you put the magnetic pot on the stove. It also stops the moment you get it off, so it allows you perfect control over the process.


With induction cooking the heat goes directly to the cookware and nowhere else. There is no loss of heat in the atmosphere, which makes them highly efficient.

Studies show that 90% of the heat from induction cooking goes to your food, while with electric cookers it’s 75%, and with gas ovens – as little as 40%.

The fact that they reach high temperatures almost instantly also decreases the energy consumption. In the long run, you get greater efficiency and at the same time lower electricity bills.


These cookers heat only the container and the food inside, without becoming hot themselves. This makes them a safe option if you have children or pets.

They can’t be turned on by accident and won’t heat anything but iron, which means there is a minimal risk of anything catching fire around this stove. Moreover, most of them have sensors for boil-overs that will turn them off automatically if that’s the case.


Induction cookers or stoves are generally more expensive than traditional gas or electric ones. It’s a relatively new technology so the prices for production are still higher than for most other methods.

However, paying a greater sum of money once would save you a lot in the long run by cutting on your electricity consumption. At the end it not only evens out, but also lowers your bills and turns out cheaper than using a traditional cooker.

Requires Special Cookware

Since the induction stove works through electromagnetism, it only works with magnetic cookware. You need to stack on pots and pans made of iron or containing iron particles.

You can test if the pots are appropriate by checking if a magnet would stick to them. Some stores offer sets of induction cookware that solve the problem at once.



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