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How to improve home value for resale: Improving bathroom

Improving Bathroom?

The real estate agents point out that the luxury bathroom and the homey kitchen “sell” the property. Although the repair of the bathroom seems to be an elementary task, you can hear of various terrible stories connected with masters. That is why the specialists advise to renovate and improve the bathroom through well-considered and exquisite accomplishment (realization). The renovation may help you get better price for your dwelling, and even sell it faster.

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Tip 1: Make it bigger

The market research indicates that 99% of the people like small bathrooms. Therefore, if the room is small, there is a simple solution. The interior designers advise to place mirrors and big windows in order to create a sensation of space. But if you plan a capital repair of your dwelling, then you can easy “steal” a square meter from the neighboring room or vestibule in order to expand the bathroom and to improve home value.

If you work with past-master and skilled plumber, think of separation of another bathroom – it will with confidence revalue the selling price of your real estate.

Tip 2: Do not be a slave of your own taste

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Your taste is probably unique and elegant, bur every man’s sense of aesthetics is different. It means that if you put black faience and terracotta or pink tiles with small Barbie dolls on them, it will hardly be your cleverest action to improve home value.

So, the best way to express yourself is through accessories which can be easily replaced – carpets, curtains, towels, indoor plants. Concerning the permanent appliances such as sinks, bathroom cabinets, mirrors, choose something neutral (in color) which could serve as a white canvas for the new purchasers.

Tip 3: Avoid mixing styles

When there is more than one bathroom at your home, try to resist the temptation to be creative. Choose one dominant vision for the two bathrooms and follow it regardless of whether it refers to modern and vanguard or traditional and old-fashioned bathroom. When the styles are too heterogeneous (diverse), it looks like you are chasing the high profits when improving home value for resale.

Tip 4: Think green

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Most of the people prefer easy, fast and environment-friendly solutions. So do not even think of installing a giant hydro massage bath-tub if you plan to make a capital repair of your bathroom in striving to improve home value for resale.

This huge sanitaryware wastes space while the saving tendency and green thinking are yet to start rising. All the same, do not eliminate the bath-tub in full – most of the customers, especially the ones with children, would be happy to have one ordinary bath-tub in their home.

Tip 5: Luxury for less money

The trick when improving home value for resale is to spend less money and at the same time to achieve an expensive improving bathroom for resale picture3vision of the renovated bathroom. For this purpose, you can apply some simple methods – for example to change the flooring with granitogres(granite tiles) or wood and the laminated parquet with neutral tiles or stone. There is a variety of tiles nowadays, so do your best the new vision of the floor to be effective to the highest degree. Another appropriate solution is to match the pattern of the curtains or the shower tub with the one of the towels or cabinets.

The final aim is to achieve higher value for resale and not to waste your money. If you cannot renovate your home with small budget, the real estate agents advise that you had better give up and simply decrease the selling price.

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