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The importance of the home repairing kit

Imagine you have already went into your new apartment or a house. Everything is “unicorns and rainbows”, things are going like a smooth sailing and you are just great. But no matter how much effort and money you have put in a home there will be times when you have to deal with some home-repairing activities. Because after all nothing is forever and even utilities, furniture and stuff like that have terms of expiration. In the meantime a lot of things could get broken and may need a proper repairing activity. If you do not want to deal with specialists all the time and call one even in case of a stuffed drain or a broken light bulb, you should prepare yourself with a decent home-repairing kit. This will make your life at home easier and give you the ability to deal with low (or high) level problems concerning your home.

The must-have repairing tools and devices everyone should have in home

Let’s start with the small ones, doing a big job

The tape measure
It’s a must-have item which will be at hand and with great life-purpose to you in your daily routine. Whether something is broken and have to be replaced, there is always a situation when you have to take some measures of something. So that is the moment when this item comes up with its super abilities. A wall project, painting project, furniture measures, you name it! Everything is under control when you have the tape measure beside you. Let’s not mention that they are often cheap and affordable.

His majesty- the screwdriver
Goes everywhere, deals with everywhere. That’s what we could say about this one. It seems like this item is old as the world, because we do not think there is someone who haven’t come across it at least ten times in his life. Screwdrivers are the perfect tools to deal with loosen cabinet door in the kitchen or any other kind of furniture. It can install switches almost by itself and it also open stuff easy as piece of cake. If you still don’t have one, go for a full set of ten or why not twenty different models with various size and abilities.

The toolbox
It’s when you have the need of almost everything in one box. Literally. The toolbox offers the ability to repair some minor and major stuff whenever you need to. It’s like a answer to every question and a solving for every problem in one box. This box will collect your screwdrivers, bolts, and will keep them organized as well. Some models have great capacity and can keep a lot more stuff than others. Most of them have a security-like metal latch that preserves the box from unwanted opening and spilling all the collected things out.

A fun one- the hammer
It’s a problem solver, though not the most precise one in the home repairing kit. But still every home needs a hammer sometimes. It is so, because hammer is quite multi-functional in … let’s say adjusting things. If you happen to look for the best one go for the smooth-faced claw one. You hammer things with no effort at all, you can pull out nails or putting them into any kind of wall. Assemble furniture and build a tree-house- whatever you need and want. Another thing that you must have in mind is to choose your model with good grip for a safety work process.

Duct tape
It’s a quick-fixer that will solve problems like they are nothing. This super power and sticky tape can adjust almost anything you could have in mind and in hand. Some kinds are very easy to tear apart and have the ability to hold up any types of items and materials. You can use it to repair torn tarps, broken stuff and a lot more.

The light maker
The flashlight is an essential one. You may never have to use it, but hey- there is no reason to not be prepared for that. Some models are rechargeable in the electrical system and in the same time can work on batteries. When you go to a basement with no light bulb or if you have gather courage to go up in the attic for some old items, it does not matter. The flashlight will give you the ability to work and walk in the dark without any risk of tripping. Some LED models are rated to last up to thousand hours.

A set of pliers may look to you as it never going to be necessary, but don’t be hasty with the assumptions. They come very handy when it comes to tightening and straightening stuff like power-cords plugs. You could adjust and tighten shower-heads as well. Pliers have a detail which could cut off any type of thin metal cords and different kind of wiring.

Utility knife
Opening boxes would be a walk in the park. It’s a tool, which every household should have somewhere around. Just like that, for practical sake. The utility knife has the ability to cut, sharpen and slice stuff. You could sharpen your pencil, cut hard materials like flooring vinyl or something even a bit harder than this. Just watch your fingers. The best part of this knife is that you can always replace the worn out blade with a new one.

The handsaw
Relax, it’s not like the one from the horror movie. Or at least it’s not appropriate to use it for such needs. It is less engaging than the power saw and not that dangerous like it. It’s important for you to choose it with a grip that is suitable and comfortable to hold by you. It is good for trimming lumber or plastic tubes.

The adjustable wrench
This one is like the smartest instrument ever. In the world! It looks quite simple by appearance but in the same time it is capable to assemble or disassemble all kinds of swing sets, appliances and in the meantime it can do well with plumbing tasks. With this one you will feel yourself as a super-strength human, independent from the laws of nature.

The multibit screwdriver
It’s such a small thing, but in the same time you could probably dismantle an atomic bomb with it. A must-have in your home repairing kit this one may appear to become your favorite tool for dealing with “screwdriving” problems. It’s the action itself with multiple varieties of adjustable heads, which can fit everywhere. Choose one with comfortable rubber-covered handle, suitable for your hand.

These are some of the essential tools that you will possibly need in your organized multi-task home repair kit. Stick around, cause soon we’ll talk about the electric tools, which a home with things to do in it cannot go without.


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