soothing home

Ideas for soothing home

In a home there are plenty of things that can create an easy-going and cozy atmosphere. Not only for today, not only for the weekend, but the whole quality time that you want and need. A refurbishment and some new decorating sometimes happens to be a must to do activity and you should definitely go for it. Boldly.
Here are some ideas which will improve the soothing feeling of your home and will create an atmosphere to calm you from the busy daily life. And did we mentioned that they are on a budget? Yes, they are.

A feel-good focal point
What do we mean? It is the first thing that you and your guests see when they come inside your dwelling. The main purpose and idea here is that this thing should be something you love. It could be anything, It does not need to be a pop-art double exposure piece of drawing, nor an antique vase of a figure of an Eastern god or something, no. It should be something you really like and admire personally. This will help you relax and could provoke a good and interesting conversation with your guests.

Your daily debris should go on a crash course for organizing. Ignore any types of non-related to you brochures, newspapers or any kind of advertising thrown on your doorstep.  If you see old newspapers on the floor and bags of Goodwill donations waiting to be dropped off, you’re going to think obligation, not relaxation

Every single item should have its own designated place in your home. No matter how often or rarely you use it. No matter if it will stay in your house for a week or for a lifetime. Just like a person every single item you possess should have its own place, not only purpose. If it is such a pain for you to keep track of everything you possess, deal with this problem with some baskets of boxes. They could be pretty minimalistic and contemporary and in the same time the will collect a lot of your stuff for as long as you need them to.

Living room
It is a place when you must create valuable and cozy space. You do not need too much stuff. Only the things that make you happy, things that build you as a personality, things reminding you who you are- favorite books, all-time movies, magazines and music. You name it. To reduce the clutter and make the room feel larger, ask yourself- do you really need all those end tables or picture frames? Cut out anything deemed nonessential. Consider painting a table or bookshelf the same color (or a similar one) as the wall it’s up against, so it “disappears” into it. If you paint a wall in white or a light color it will also make a smaller room feel more spacious and in the same time comfortable as you want it to be.

You need to put some light emphasis on places you need to be lighten up. Psychologist advice to put the lights on the places you want to be enlightened. Literally and metaphorically speaking. Use spot lighting for areas where you need brightness, such as next to the sofa where you read, and put overhead lights on dimmers. Also, switch to full-spectrum bulbs, which mimic natural light better than standard ones do. Think green as well- you can use light saving bulbs. This way you are feeling alright and lightened and in the same time saving valuable energy.

Space for movement
You should have the ability to sit relaxed in your sofa without banging your head or foot in of something and without breaking some favorite cup of yours. Create “environmental paths” from one place to another. From the table to the couch, from the TV set to the rocking chair, from the bookcase to the sofa. If you need to rearrange the furniture and lose something away.

The importance of colors
Simplify your color ranges as much as you can. If you happen to decide to mix some colors, then keep their color scheme at least similar. If you simply like dots, spots, stripes or something like that, then just keep patterns to a minimum. Specialists say that if you have too many bright colors or high-contrast patterns in a room, your eyes are going to be drawn all over the place, making it difficult to relax. On the other hand simple designs and colors are pretty soothing and relaxing.

Nature lives in us. Bring it in the dwelling
Natural elements create special and hard to explain interactions in people. It encourages friendlier interactions with others, say specialists. If you want your place to be more comfortable and peaceful color up your place with some plants or hang a mirror across from your largest window. This will maximize outdoor vantage points. If you happen to have a view, which consists of more buildings and urban items than trees and natural environment, then you could hang a photograph of a landscape on the wall.

In the bedroom
The personal and distinguished role of the bedroom for your everyday life is of a great importance. You have your rest there, you feel it more personal than any other room. That’s why it has the unmatched importance for the soothing atmosphere in your dwelling. For a good feeling in here use calming hues and colors. Use rather cool shades of blue, maybe green and neutral earth tones. This may feel pretty relaxing because they those colors remind us of nature. If you’re not ready to commit and risk with repainting the premise, incorporate a few accessories, such as throw pillows, a quilt, or lamp shades. Choose them in calming colors as well.

Electronics and why we don’t need them always

Switch them off, remove them, and forget about them. We hope this does not sound like a revolution. The idea is that electronics such as TV sets are not always the main focal point of your dwelling. They are actually very skillful in grabbing your attention and make you focus onto them, because they are pretty cool in manner and can offer a lot as an interactive experience. Another thing is that light, which these devices and their signals emit could be keep you awake, when you actually should be sleeping. And interfering the good night sleep could be harmful for your health and can leave you with high levels of unwanted stress for the next day.  If you are so fond of such devices and want to keep them by your side in the bedroom, specialists recommend placing the TV in a cabinet and putting a screen between your bed and the computer.

Bring your fantasy to life.Think about what paradise looks like to you. If it’s a tropical island, add sand and sea shades and tropical touches, such as wicker side tables or a sea grass rug. Prefer a mountain cabin or country home? Then add colors, textures, and accessories to your bedroom decor that call those settings to mind. Specialists say that design is highly individual, so mine your past experiences and flip through design magazines to identify what elements make a room feel relaxing to you.

Best things for you
When redecorating, refurbishing or in any kind of home improvement activities you must be lead one thing and one single thing only- the best place for you, your paradise for you. Try to reflect your “special-place-feelings” into your dwelling. If your dream feeling on a tropical island, choose colors, that resemble such an island. Add sand and sea shades, tropical touches in manner of colors, side tables and why not a grass rug? You prefer a cabin-in-the-woods kind of a place? Well, be lead from this idea and be brave. Add colors, textures, and accessories to your bedroom or any other room decor that call those settings to mind. “Design is highly individual, so mind your past experiences and identify what elements make a room feel relaxing to you. And this is the focal point- you and your family.