Tips for gardening at home

How to start a beautiful garden and why?

Gardening has many positive aspects and brings numerous benefits for the human being. It brings families together, makes communities happier and offers us all very good workout. On the top of all that, gardening provides us with tasty seasonal fruits and vegetables.

There are many good reasons for us to start a garden – we burn calories and get fit, we do connect with our children who learn many useful things and we see the result from our efforts. For many kids, it turns out that the process of gardening is their first close encounter with nature. So, how to start a garden?

Growing Your Own Beautiful Home Garden – the tips

  • Start gardening in pots – think about vegetables and herbs that can flourish with enough water and light from the sun. This is the so called kitchen garden.
  • Remember that it is the climate that determines which types of plants will grow best in your garden. So, do your homework in advance.
  • The type of soil – get a location that receives six to eight hours of sunshine each day. Then plan your plants leaving enough room for each. Raise vegetables that are good for the local soil.
  • Do your research in the winter – thus, you will be ready to plant in spring. Include the pest management, the bacterial pesticides and the crop rotation in your research as well.
  • Read about the composting and the rain barrels – they will help you develop rich soil nutrients in your own garden.
  • Start with easy to grow plants – these could be carrots, snap and sugar peas, radishes, green salad mixes.
  • Keep your garden free of weeds as they can get the nutrients and moisture from your plants.
  • Get to know the specific needs of your plants as far as watering is concerned.
  • Clean your plants from the dead flowers and branches.
  • Apply the proper fertilizers.

Stay healthy and safe while gardening

Gardening is very good for your exercising your body and for clearing your mind. There are several safety issues that you should follow while gardening:

  • Wear protective gear – it will keep you away from the equipment with sharp edges, from the chemicals and insects, from the sun exposure while gardening. You need a pair of sunglasses, a pair of gardening gloves, protective shoes, a hat, knee pads.
  • Careful with the chemicals – you need to use all the fertilizers and pesticides after careful reading of all instructions.
  • Be aware of the heat – you should drink a lot of water when working under the sun. You should also take many breaks.
  • Consider your allergies – if you have asthma or various allergies, you should wear a face mask. To reduce the contact with allergies, work in the evening when the concentration of pollen is lower.