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The Ultimate Guide for Bathroom Space Optimisation

A large spacious bathroom is undeniably a source of comfort and relaxation and provides aesthetic appeal to your domestic interior.

Nowadays however, bathroom space tends to get narrower in home projects in favour to other rooms. Moreover, not everybody could afford having a bathroom that covers a large area of space.

Large space is not the key for an elegant looking bathroom, although it helps you achieve a neat look with less effort. Even a limited bathroom space can be utilized in a manner that makes it feel comfortable and stylish.

How to Get the Best of a Tiny Bathroom

Contemporary interior design offers smart and creative solutions that could optimize even small spaces and make them functional and modern.

You don’t actually need a lot of space in order to have a great bathroom, you just need to know what to make of what you have available.

Here are some tips to incorporate into your bathroom renovation to make even the smallest space fell practical and elegant.

Let it Float

Nowadays you can install wall-hung or “floating” white goods like sinks, toilets and vanity furniture. They would not only make the space appear wider, but are more aesthetically appealing themselves.

If you also want to save time on cleaning, this solution makes it a lot easier by not letting grime accumulate in corners like traditional bathroom furniture does.

Floating storage units like shelves and cupboards allow you to optimise the space bellow them with secondary storage units such as baskets.

Master Intelligent Storage

A neat looking bathroom is not a matter of having a lot of space for your furniture and toiletries, but of knowing how to intelligently arrange them to fit the room in an elegant way.

When the horizontal area of your bathroom is narrow, you can make use of vertical space by installing wall-hung column units that solve the problem with keeping the area free of clutter.

A corner sink is a space-saving solution that also looks modern and allows for a larger store space under the basin. You could install an integrated shelf under the basin to keep your toiletries in order and out of sight.

An optimal space-saving solution is to create wall recesses for storage, for example above your sink or bathtub.

Additions to Make Small Bathrooms Look Spacious

Mirrors and their magic tricks can add a lot of space to your bathroom’s outlook. Consider adding large mirrors to the cabinet doors, above vanity furniture and even above your bathtub to create the illusion of depth.

Natural light can also augment the sense of space in your room. If you are uncomfortable with having windows in your room, a smart and modern solution is to use frosted glass and let natural light do its job without feeling exposed.

Finally, don’t clog your bathroom with multicolour tile and various textures – it will undeniably shrink the space visually. Rely on clean and neutral colours to create a sense or order and harmony.

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