Cleaning your kid's room - how to make it effortless

How to get your kid’s room clean with zero effort

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Your child’s room is one of the most contested cleaning areas in the house, while it can be a struggle for some parents to get their child’s room organized there are some approaches that can prove quite handy.

This article will focus on how to get your child to clean their own room and it will show you how to do it in a fun way.

What you need to know

Some parents wage a hidden or not so hidden war with their children over cleaning their room, while personal responsibility for one’s space is an important fact of life, this power struggle can prove to be stressful.

The worst thing that a parent can do and this comes from personal experience, is to bring negativity to the situation while it can be quite frustrating it is good to approach a growing child just like you would an adult.

We are not that different, children and grow-ups, the difference is that we have learned how to disguise ourselves a lot better than them. A good mentality to keep is that positivity always works better than enforcing martial law in our own home.

What the child needs to understand

The importance of discipline and ownership are two interlinked concepts that follow us throughout our lives, this is why it’s important to face them and understand them at an early age.

The struggle that most parents have is that of the vast potential that a child has, and the struggles that structure provide.

Getting an unrealized potential structured is like trying to give a cat a bath, it can be a struggle, but it can be necessary sometimes. So what the child needs to learn is the responsibility of cleaning one’s personal space – because a clean surrounding means a clean mind.

How to do it

As bad as it may sound, you would have to train your child to enjoy cleaning and at first there might be a lot of resistance, they would much rather play than clean and organize.

That is why you might want to try making it into a fun activity for them, make the cleaning in to a game that would ultimately make the act of organization much more bearable.

This requires your patience and understanding, enforce their good actions with positivity or treats, and discourage “bad” actions with appropriate and proportional “force”

This is how I got my boys to clean their room and now they have even started helping me out around the house. Just remember, they are as smart if not smarter than you but they are still children.