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How should you furnish a small bathroom

Small bathrooms are notoriously difficult for furnishing solely due to their size. One big issue which may pop up in some cases, is the fact that the budget is small while the vanity and furniture for compact spaces is expensive, though this depends on your country and the sort of furniture you are looking for.

What is the solution to furnishing a small bathroom

When furnishing a small bathroom, the most vital aspect is picking out vanity which does not take up more space than it really needs to. In this sense, there are specialized types of bathroom furniture, which you could choose, like build-in toilets with a wall inserted water tank which reduces floor space usage quite a bit, not only does this look more neat and clean, but it also saves vital space.

Conserving floor and wall space

In small spaces, regardless of their use, the two main goals are conserving space and utility of used space. In bathrooms, there are tree must haves i.e. a toilet, a shower/bath and a sink. While they can be moved around somewhat, the toilet and shower are limited to several square footage of distance due to plumbing and sewage installations requirements.

However, this really depends on the type of construction and building you are living in – if it’s a concrete structure, like an apartment building or a house with a concrete foundation – personalization is slim. If it’s a timber-framed home, then you have quite a lot more options in replacing and relocating the shower and bath spaces as well as other vanities.

How to save the most space and keep it functional

One of the ways some interior designers and architects do it, is to work smart with the wall space and create build-in cubbies and shelves which are a part of the wall. In this way, you keep the wall space clean and visibly free, while also providing yourself the required storage space.

This is most commonly seen around showers and bathtubs as these are the locations which require the most storage. In terms of strength, these shelves can be quite strong, however, they need to follow moisture regulation specifications which can be quite strict and would require a professional’s assistance.

So, one of the ways of saving space and making your bathroom look bigger than it is, is by putting a transparent glass wall which separates the wet areas from the dry areas. The wet area is around the shower and is most often placed around a window as to allow natural light to come in.

The transparent wall keeps the room’s moisture to a minimum, while also allowing for light and space to seem more available than they are.

Mirrors are do a great job of that, however, they should be strategically placed as to allow light to bounce around without causing discomfort.

Use raised vanities

Raised sinks that are built-in to the wall are quite a goof choice since they provide the illusion of space, while also providing the necessary functionality of the room. These raised vanities are quite common in most small bathrooms, though they are a bit pricier than regular ones since they require a bit more manufacturing.


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