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How Is Pickup Truck Transport Different Than Other Auto Transport Services

Just like any auto transport service, the pickup truck transport service provides full transportation coverage to any such vehicle. In this, all services are the same, however, the main difference is in the size of the vehicle, which would entail that it’s also a bit more expensive.

What are the main differences of pickup truck transport

A pickup truck, such as we know them, are far larger, taller and longer vehicles than ordinary sedan or hatchback vehicles, meaning that they are not only heavier, but also a lot more sizeable to transport. This means that they are far more inconvenient for a transport carrier company to transport from one location to another, because it constraints the amount of vehicles they can transport at a time.

A deeper understanding of the price of the service

This service, like any other auto transport service, hinges on two main things, the season of the transport, and the amount of vehicles which can be safely transported at the same time. If you are looking for a vehicle transport in your area, there is a mathematical variability that someone else in your area, is also looking for a transport to the same location.

If a carrier has a limited space on the trailer, they would much prefer transporting more vehicles, for a fewer amount of time, with a less distance variation between each pick and drop off. The cheapest and most affordable transport jobs are those who coincide with a large amount of vehicles being dropped on-route or at a specific location.

Let’s say you have a vehicle in Las Vegas and want it transported in Florida, then you’d call out for a carrier with availability to that particular area. Then a carrier with that same route, would give you a quite, and depending on the location of your vehicle, and the drop-off location, would charge you accordingly.

What makes the service more expensive

What makes pickup truck transport more expensive than ordinary services is that, for the same distance and location, a carrier that would carry 14 vehicles, could not carry only 11. Your truck will take up the space of 4 vehicles, costing the carrier more to transport your vehicle.

It’s also possible, due to the size of the vehicle the carrier would have to also use a specialized trailer, which could safely accommodate the dimensions and weight of your auto. This further puts a strain on the price of the service, making it one of the most expensive in the industry.

How to make it cheaper

If, for any reason, you want to lower the price of the service, then there are a couple of things which need to be done – one of them is to ensure the vehicle is easy to pickup. Meaning that you need to be no more than 100 miles away from a major highway, a second unspoken rule is that it must match to the route of the carrier, which they may or may not disclose to you.

It’s also good to have the vehicle ready for transport – have gas in the tank, make sure it starts, rolls, steers and breaks – otherwise a specialized lift must be provided and this makes the service more expensive.

If you are looking for the most convenient way of getting a cheap, affordable and safe pickup truck transport job done, then choose USTrans.com.

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