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How important is attic insulation

There are some houses out there that don’t allow for a lot of attic space, but some of our readers are fortunate enough to have enough room to enjoy it as not only storage, but also an extra room for a secret study or a library.

In this article we are going to discuss the importance of good attic insulation and the pros and cons of extra insulation for your house.

Is insulating your attic really that important

In the western world it has become a standard approach to insulate every room especially in climates where there are four seasons. The idea behind that is to prevent heat from escape from the house during the winter and make it cooler during the summer.

A lot of people choose to use that extra space as storage as there is rarely an easy access point to it, unless you install a ladder to it.

However, there are lots of cases where people decide to forgo the extra space as storage and use it as a spare room, a place of relaxation away from the hubbub of the rest of the house.

Most of the insulation for the roof is placed on the joists of the roof itself, in between the different wooden supports propping up the lining of the roof.

The standard for this is fiber-glass insulation or blown insulation which is recycled paper, both of these approaches have a great insulation rating.

A new school of thought

For the longest period this was the general approach, however, in recent years, a lot of architects have started implementing a second layer of insulation above the ceilings of houses using it as a second barrier of insulation to even further protect the house.

The thinking behind this is that, even thought the current materials are of high quality, a large portion of the heat from the house is still escaping from the roof.

What this new approach provides

This new approach to house insulation gives us an even greater insulation rating, reducing the resources required to heat the house for a given unit per square inch.

In other words this new school of thought provides home owners a fantastic way of cutting heating costs, keeping the house’s climate control stable to prevent fights over the heat of the house.

This investment might not only prove beneficial for your family’s budget, but also great for the environment as the resources required to heat a single house would significantly diminish.

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