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How Clean Is Your Sofa Upholstery Really

The sofa is one of those special places in a home or office, where comfort and convenience meet. These qualities make us gravitate towards the sofa more and more, spending hours on it, sleeping, watching TV, movies, Netflix or whatever – so, chances are that your sofa is not as clean as you think it is – here’s why.

Understanding the sofa grime and how it hides

Humans are quite dirty, at least in terms of what they leave behind. Even you shower 3 times a day, your body will still produce oils, release dead skin cells, moisture, sweat and all sorts of nasty stuff.

While they are not as dirty as they may sound, what comes after that is far worse than the initial grime. All of these come with a ton of bacteria which are contained on our skin, in our mounts and with the oils our body produces.

Those bacteria are actually quite helpful when they are on our body, however, they can become food for other bacteria floating in the air. The issue with that is those bacteria produce noxious gasses which are trapped in the fibers of a sofa and the issue here is that the results of digestion, fecal matter, is an allergen.

All this is happing on a microscopic level and it cannot be seen with the naked eye, however, the results, skin rashes, a more sensitive skin, an allergy outbreaks, are more than visible.

Why regular sofa cloning is important

By regular, it’s refers to sofa cleaning as a necessary service each 6 months. Depending on the type of upholstery which your sofa has, it might require far less or far more frequent cleaning – it also depends on the time of year and the area you are living in.

As one of the most polluted cities in the UK, London has quite a lot airborne dust which we consume and breathe in each day, every day. Dust in our homes is also quite common, and especially common in sofa upholstery – we carry it on our clothes and hair.

So having your sofa’s upholstery cleaned regularly, will not only reduce the amount of pollution in your home, but it will also reduce the amount of allergens and skin irritations dramatically.

How does the cleaning help your sofa

The process of cleaning upholstery varies widely, not because there is no standard in the industry, but because there is an even wider variety of upholstery variations. There are textiles, and then there are faux leather and natural leather sofas which dramatically vary in the way they are cleaned.

Textile sofas have natural and synthetic variants, with synthetic ones being one of the easiest and cheapest ones to clean. This is due to the resilience of synthetic fibers to chemicals and high temperatures, allowing professional cleaning services like EasyCleaningLondon.co.uk to achieve far better results than with natural textile sofas.

With natural materials, it’s important to use moderate heat, since heat will reach with the stain and the fibers of the fabric itself. High temperatures either set the stain or dislodge it from within the textile – so it’s important to use the appropriate approach.

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