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Homes in 2016: What to Expect

The homebuyers of 2016 are focused on the spacious houses that are nicely equipped. According to the National Association of Home builders and the survey they made concerning the consumer preferences, these include homes of 2750 sq.ft. on average. This means that the average sale price for such properties could go beyond 355 000 USD. The builders try to construct what the buyers on the market want.


The prognosis is that the typical house size will not shrink any time soon. In fact, the real estate experts expect the house sizes to go up, followed by the house prices. Let’s see what people expect to find inside their brand new homes? According to the research made, the new home buyers expect conservation and organization.

New Home Buyers Expectations

The home buyers are more aware of what they want in their new houses than the generation before them. They insist to have enough open space, but also plenty of facilities and amenities such as a laundry room, for example. They also require a full bathroom on the first level of the house, excellent heat-insulation, hardwood floors, patios. Further, they want larger kitchen area with dining zone, walk-in wardrobe and large pantry, as well as garage with room for storage.

Additional New Home Expectations

The other new home expectations include double sinks in the kitchens, natural stone or granite countertops, water filtration system, various shelves, lighting, as well as a breakfast bar, wooden cabinets. When the exterior is concerned, the new home owners prefer stone and brick walls.

A curious thing to point out is that 40 % of the people that took part in the survey stated that they would be willing to get a smaller house if they get the amenities that they want, compared to 22 % of the people who are willing to sacrifice some of the amenities but get a larger house. According to the same survey, another 20 % of the people where ok to travel longer to work but to get the comfortable home they are looking at.

Among the least wanted items in the new houses were the wine cellars and the dual toilets in the master bathroom, as well as the entrance halls, the wet bars and the two-level bedrooms.

The Trends

The trends that could be seen in the new houses include modern kitchens with cleaner lines and simpler cabinets, pocket doors that can slide between two walls or rooms and save room and space. Most of the new owners also insist on various protection systems such as leak detections, and various monitory tools.

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