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Easy Homeplants to Grow With Your Kids

Spending quality time with your kids is not only an enjoyable experience for them that leaves them with good memories, but also an essential part of their development.

Shared family activities can be a marvelous way of teaching your child new skills and values and creating healthy habits.

There are numerous better options to spend your leisure time with your children besides watching television or going to the part. Actually committing to shared activities in your home can have the most beneficial results while being a source for a lot of fun.

What are the Best Plants to Grow with Your Children

Growing plants with your kids is a best way to teach them patience and useful life skills, as well as pave the way for developing interest for healthy activities later on in their life.

They would certainly enjoy the activity since you are doing it together, and they will feel good when they see the results after a while.

Some plants are very needy and wouldn’t be a good option to plant with kids, because the risk of failure is high, and if they don’t see results they will be demotivated. There are, however, some easy care plants that are perfectly suitable for the situation.


Extremely cheerful and vibrant, sunflowers are also very easy to grow in pots. Plant the seeds together in spring, and it won’t be long until you have grown plants as tall as your kids.

The downside is that they require good amounts of water, but you can turn that to your advantage, since it will teach your kids discipline and good habits. The quick growth of sunflower will keep them motivated and they will be giving their best in nourishing the plants.


Strawberries are rewarding because they are easy to grow and care for, and they provide you with your own sweet berries to enjoy. Your children will definitely love growing strawberries and waiting for the moment when the bright red gems will pop out.


With mint you have to really make an effort not to succeed. It grows fast and tolerates eve shadier spaces.

Your kids will be full of excitement while they see leaves appearing and multiplying in a short time span. Moreover, you can enjoy the fresh aroma and use mint for tea or as a cooking herb.

Sweet Alyssum

Sweet Alyssum is a luscious plant with tender light or dark violet leaves. It is easy to grow from seeds and is not very needy when it comes to growing conditions.

Make sure that you’re not overwatering it and your kids will soon be enjoying the beautiful blossoms with a honey-like fragrance. It grows well in pots, so you can put a few of them in different parts of your home for a natural decoration.


Shasta daisies are tender and cheerful and also very easy to care for. They thrive both outdoors and in containers in your home.

Let your kids plant a few seeds and it won’t be long until they’re enjoying a wonderful bouquet. You can trim your plants halfway during Fall, and they will still be growing wild when spring comes.

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