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Home without insects- the natural ways


You have got yourself a nice modern furniture. Your home has a nice view and a feeling of domestic pleasure. You love your kitchen and living room, and you simply love your balcony. But there are bugs in it! Insects could be a problem in every home no matter where it is, no matter if it is a house or an apartment. There are still ways to prevent this of happening and still have a home without insects.

The natural ways
No matter how much you hate bugs, there should be a way, which does not involve usage of chemical “weapons” against them. This idea is the right idea. Since there are chemical solutions against bugs, there are probably not very nice to your health as well. If you have the problem of having bugs at home and in the same time you do not want to use chemicals to clean the dwelling from them, this one is for you. There you go- some useful “keep-away” products to have a home without insects.

Probably the best-smelling method
Citrus peels are a great way to prevent your home from some of the bugs, bothering you and the family. Spiders simply hate citrus peels and will never come across them. And there is no need to peel off fruit you do not want to eat immediately. Simply use citrus leftovers from your dessert and voilà! Sometimes it will be useful to rub some parts of the dwelling if you think that just putting the citrus anywhere won’t be enough. Try with windowsills, doorways, cabinets and some corners of the rooms.

Vinegar simply has the common effect to insects like the citrus fruit. It is absolutely free of harmful chemicals, and it is all natural. Just spray a bit around your kitchen and bugs will not be present anymore. You could also use it around door entrances, and no bug will allow itself to come in again.

Cornmeal and ants
There can be no love affair between ants and cornmeal. The little insects are common to many houses and sometimes are very hard to get rid of. But using cornmeal you could deal with this problem. And deal with it the natural way. Ants simply cannot easily left behind a piece of the cornmeal. It is absolutely hard to resist for them and they will collect it without thinking twice. They will take the small pieces of it to their den. The interesting thing here is that ants love this ingredient but cannot digest it. So it will demolish them. It sounds a bit awful, but it is absolutely your decision.

Get rid of dust
No dust should be around your house. Sometimes it sounds hard to believe but wherever there is a dusty house, bugs find a place to thrive. This concerns spiders the most. The will be very comfortable in a place where they could make weave their webs. So have this in mind and deal with it.

Another pleasant anti-bug “weapon”
Mint! Yes the same exact mint you are thinking about. Having home without insects could be an easy and good-smelling process. Most of the bugs which appear in a home do not like mint. Especially peppermint. Find yourself some peppermint essential oil and from this moment it will be smooth sailing for you. Put the oil into spray bottle, mixed with water and spray around the dwelling. A home without insects will be piece of cake task for you. Another cool way for you is to plant some natural mint and put the plant pot near entryways or windows.

The yard
You have a yard around the house? And still not thought about that? Well, it is time for you to do so. A bad-maintained yard could be the reason for you having unwanted bugs in the premise. Trim the grass, free the yard of food debris, gather dead and fallen leaves, and trim the bushes if they need to. In few words- keep it neat and less bugs will come across your place.

It is a fact- insects like scents very much. Especially the sweetest of them. So they are basically kind of like us- we like perfumes and they like them as well. So consider turning back to your sweet-smelling stuff around the house.

A lot of the existing herbs are like terminators for the home insects. They simply hate it. You can plant some herbs around windows or entries. Put them also inside the kitchen. This will improve the domestic feeling and pleasant home-odors around the house. Basil, garlic, mint, bay leaves are some of the “weapons” to use for having a home without insects. The best part is that you can also use the herbs for cooking! What more could you ever want from this idea?

As long we are still in the „food” methods for dealing with bugs at home, we would like you to consider using cucumbers. Your fresh summer salad leftovers could provide you with the perfect remedy for insects at home. Put some of the cucumber slices on the windowsill. If the cucumber is bitter- the best. Ants will hate it.

Sweet cinnamon
A line drawn with cinnamon will stop the ant invasion. It sounds like a miracle but it actually works. Especially for those little intruders.

The good-old cedar wood will make your home-without-insects idea absolutely approachable. It is a cool remedy of getting rid of bugs and keeping them out for good. And do not forget the cool and fresh smell of this tree and it’s woody scent. Moths will be hating it and that is great for your mission of saving your clothes and other textiles in the wardrobe.

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