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Great tricks to use aluminum foil

The aluminum foil is already a thing that happens to appear in every household. It is a lot more usable now than few years ago. Its metallic structure makes it very important in cooking, just as well in other activities and needs in the house.

Here we will take a peek into the most important and interesting tricks to use the aluminum foil.

  1. It is very useful in lining the kitchen (and not only) cabinets and drawers at home. It is very easy to clean with damp sponge of sloth, and can also help in reflecting light in the cabinet’s dark arts. So this is something like a light provider for the darkest parts of the kitchen drawers.

2. For the silverware. Aluminum foil could be used as a way to polish the silverware. Or at least one of the steps to do that actually. Just lay down the foil into a plastic bin with the shiny side up. Then place the silver pieces of silver appliances in. Pour in one quarter of baking soda and a gallon of boiling water. Stir and leave the silverware in the mix for about 10 to 15 minutes. Voila!

  1. Cleaning the grill won’t be as hard as you think when using the aluminum foil. Take a large piece of it and smash it into a ball. Use it to scrap the surface of the grill, making all the hard pieces and burnt leftovers from food go away in an instant.
  1. Yes you can use it for cooking.

    But it works even when preparing your greatest desserts. Imagine you burn out your favorite apple pie! Doesn’t sound well, does it? Instead of taking the risk, you could use a piece of the aluminum foil and cover the edges of the baking appliance. This way the crust will not burn and go all brown.

  1. Some of the modern credit cards have a “swipeless” function, which helps them to be used without being swiped in the special reading device. It is possible that great cons could detect and scan your credit card from a distance.

If you are a bit paranoid about this one, you could fold your credit card into a piece of the aluminum foil. It will prevent a distant scanning.

  1. Deal with the dirty dishes. It is almost the same role as when scrubbing the burnt food away from the barbecue. Imagine you have prepared a dish in the oven. The metal appliance has a bit of burnt out food pieces onto it. The easiest way is to use a ball of aluminum foil to scrub away the unwanted pieces of food.
  1. Chasing away some of the birds in the garden could be mission impossible. BUT, and there is a big but to this one, you could use the metal foil to scare them away of your trees, veggies and fruit in the yard. It reflects light, so if you manage to hang some strips of the foil down from the branches of the tree and deal with this problem in an instant.
  1. Moving heavy furniture is not an easy job. Well, at least most of the time. If you have to move piece of furniture on some parts of the carpet, you can wrap the legs into few layers of aluminum foil for easier moving.
  1. It is a great idea for easy and way better path to good-ironed clothes. Aluminum foil can reflect not only light but also heat. So next time when you iron your clothes place a part of it under the piece of cloth. This will make your clothes even smoother and in the same time it will help you iron them a lot faster than ordinary.
  1. When the sugar is a lot harder than you need it, use the aluminum foil for a great way to soften a piece of stiff chunk of sugar into an ideal substance for a cake recipe for example. The only thing you need to know is to wrap the piece of hard sugar into the foil and heat it a little bit up to 350 degree in an oven. Do this not more than 5 minutes and voila!


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