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Great tricks small house can use

House is still a house. You don’t have the annoying neighbors, you don’t have to be extremely quiet when you are coming home after a party evening with friends and you feel freer in the daily routines that you have to on regular basis. But when the small house is a bit of a problem for you there is the need of an additional space. Or at least the visual perspective of it.

Of course that means that you will only seem to have more space but definitely there is no change in the dwelling at all. But even though only visual, the perceptions of this place will comfort the mind and will lead you to many improvement of the home, which will build in new and positive direction.

In order to reach that level of improvement a small house will need you to fulfill some small additional tricks of course. Some of them are listed below.

  • When adding a rug or a carpet on the floor, try to choose a smaller one, which will contrast to the other part of the floor;
  • You consider some furniture with exposed legs, for example chairs or coffee tables. Of course you don’t have to buy all your pieces of furniture in this particular design but one or two will make a great pattern and will contrast with the others creating a visual perception of space in the living room for example.
  • The versatility of the furniture is also an important one. You might consider of using some of the furniture with more than one purpose. Let’s take wide cupboards. Along with books, decorations and other similar think you may put your TV set on them in order to save place for any other elements you would like to add to the interior of the living room.
  • The magic of mirrors is not an idea from yesterday

    We all probably new that a mirror in the room can create visual space and in the same time be a great part of the décor of the housing. It will bring some more light and dimension of the room and of course it could be a source of practical usage when preparing your outlook for the day.

  • Usage the space of the wall in a small house. For example if your kitchen is smaller than you want it to be you can always add some additional hangers, folding counter tops and other similar element in order to create more functional items which could be removed if they “eat” some of the space.
  • Build-in storage spaces like drawers in the wall are very functional especially when you have no idea where to put all of your clothes for the next season. This way you will avoid hanging trousers, sweaters and jackets around the walls of your bedroom or closet.
  • Rounded furniture does not only look like there is more space but it actually is like that. A coffee table will be still functional but it will give you even more space in the room if it is with rounded edges.
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