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Great ideas for smart window cleaning

Washing windows, cleaning windows – not the particular favorite job of nobody. But if you want to know what’s going on outside you should take proper care of your window glass. But there could be some kinds of difficulties in cleaning those things. Just in case you should be prepared and prepared well for that spring window cleaning, that‘s coming. So there are some few clever tips of smart window cleaning.

The professionals

If you cannot manage to clean your home windows by yourself, well there are always the professionals for this job. But if you are one of those people, who would like to do everything by themselves, these hints for smart window cleaning are just for you.

Step one

Pre-clean the window. Windows are especially prone to different stains on their outside parts. They collect dust, marks and stains. Here are few methods to deal with that:

Buy yourself a removing type cleaner. You will need a damped sponge with the solution and you have to rub the stains away off the window. If you have to – rinse the area with water and make this again.

A great natural way is to spray some vinegar over the stains and spots. Leave it there to make its magic for about five minutes. After that use a sponge to remove the waste and rub the stains.

Natural way number two is to make a paste from water and a cleaner that contains oxalic acid. Apply the paste over the designated area and leave it there for a while. Then use a clean cloth to remove the solution off the glass. Do this with a good rubbing. Then rinse away the thing and finish the cleaning as a regular one.

The sticky substances

If you happen to struggle with sticky leftovers from tickers or some decals, this one is for you. It could be really difficult to remove such stains from a bright clean glass. Sometimes one could find it even impossible. But, there is a way. When you still haven’t removed the stickers from the glass, cause you’re afraid of not make them in thin pieces, spray the area with water.

Leave it this way for a while and then take a scrapper and hold it against the window at an angle of 45 degrees. With a gentle pressure start below the sticker and scrape along and upwards. This way you will get underneath it and remove it efficiently with no additional casualties.

Homemade solutions and the best three ideas for smart window cleaning

Yes, you could make your own window cleaning solution out of things which can be found in every household. You will need:

Two seven litters of water, combined with a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid. Mix these and use it as a solution the way we mentioned above.

Another way – mix equal parts of water and white vinegar and apply it to the stains for few minutes. Then rinse and dry with a cloth.

The third way – about 60 ml isopropyl alcohol and vinegar, mixed with a tablespoon cornstarch and two cups of water will make a great window cleaning solutions and will help you make your windows look like bright heaven.

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