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Great homemade baked decorations

It’s like piece of cake. Literally. Great handmade home decorations are not supposed to be always super expensive or trendy. They need to be beautiful to your taste and also they have to be in the mood of your dwelling. That’s why the best way to put some good decorations in your house is by making them by yourself. And by making them, we mean baking them.

Here’s how it’s done.

Baking decorations includes few important steps of making something out of almost nothing. The type of decorations we are going to show are basically for Christmas trees, but with a little bit of a fantasy, we can improve them and use them for everyday or some other festive occasion.

The things you need are water, some plain flour, a bit of salt, and a toddler (because kids are great at doing this, true story!).

The beginning

For the so called baked decorations first you should mix together all the substances – one cup of plain flour, one cup of salt, and up to one cup of water. These are the ingredients for the perfect home decoration trend. When you have mixed all the things in a large enough bowl (adding the water slowly on portions), start to stirring like you are making a standard type of dough. If it happens to be too sticky add some more flour.

The so called decoration dough should be just as it looks like when you are making bread, with a dough – like consistency. The best way to know if it is OK is if it is dry enough and doesn’t not come off your fingers.

Second base

Roll out the dough on a hard surface that’s been previously floured, so it won’t stick to it. With the help of a knife (it doesn’t need to be sharp, it could be even plastic) or some cookie forms. Then start to cut the forms as you want them to look like.

You could definitely play with the design of the shapes of the baked decorations. It‘s important to know previously what type of decoration you will need. If the future ornament needs to be hanged somewhere you must make a hole big enough for a string to move through. You can do this with the help of a simple straw.


Carefully pick up the forms and put them over a baking sheet. Put the oven on and cook the little fellows for about 2 – 3 hours at 100 degrees C. In the middle of the baking process, turn the decoration forms around, so they would bake well from both sides. Do this especially if the shapes are a bit thicker.

Final lane

Pull out the baked decorations off the oven and wait them to get cool. Then it’s time for your and your kids’ imagination. Use whatever paint you like. Whatever color you like to. Metallic, acrylic colors, colors of the rainbow, famous animated heroes. Add some glitter if you want to.

The best thing about these homemade decorations is that they are so cheap, that they are almost free. Also they are a great opportunity for you and your kids to bond up, while making them together. And the other good thing about them is that they are made of absolutely natural materials.

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