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The great BBQ yard

Planning and going through an outdoor activities is a great thing. We usually have get used with spending time behind closed doors, in front of a TV set, computer or a book. The moments when we tend to think about how much quality time we spend outdoor are rare and this is what we don’t like about that. Spending time outside, cooking outside and having all our conversations outside is like a primal and exquisite experience. It leads us to our basic instincts, which are mostly connected with pleasure activities.
Since the weekend is just two days and if the nearest natural environment (wood, forest, meadow, park) is few-hours road trip from you, you could think of having your quality BBQ yard party time in your back or frond yard (if you do have such, of course).

Most of the time we spend outside is when the weather is fine. And since summer is upon us, there is no reason not to make a quick plan for the nearest sunny weekend.

Here are some design ideas for a decent and funny outdoor BBQ party.

The grilling area
It is that special and almost sacred place, where not everyone is allowed to talk or do stuff. We are kidding. But there are quite lots of rules here , especially if you are a rookie to the whole BBQ-in-the-yard idea. If it happens that you are building your barbecue area recently you probably have spent a lot of hours, deciding what type you want it to be. An all-stone barbecue yard area will give a bit of an antique look to your yard. Rustic wooden details, combined with stone and some brick details…just imagine it. It will feel like you are at the Mediterranean.

Talking about hardware, there is no excuse to employ the good old concrete. This time it won’t be only the material for building, but for furniture as well. A concrete table and benches will sustain the many parties ahead and will be durable to all kinds of meteorological conditions. Concrete table will be a great addition to a more rustic-like and natural BBQ yard area and will fit perfectly with the activities in there.

The roof
It’s better to have one, because no matter how great and warm your summer is, there will be days, when the only thing you’ll wish is to have a simple shed, where you can cover your guests from the heavy and unexpected summer rain. So if you are still in the process of building your backyard BBQ station, think about that. This shed addition will be suitable not only for rainy days, but also for sunny ones, when the weather is too hot you would give anything to cover up under a good old shade. Those types of additions could be built as a single unit or as a stylish extension to the house.

The pergola
Having a barbecue Sunday lunch or a family dinner under the pergola would look so stylish! It brings a distinguished sense of style when built in the yard with all the green and flora around it. You can combine pergola unit with some flooring of tiles and concrete details. A brick barbecue addition would be perfect and in tone with the pergola. But the open bonfire area would be simply stunning for your guests.

Mind the weather
No matter what kind of decision you have made about the BBQidea of yours, always have in mind that the weather is in the top three of the things that could ruin your good backyard party. If you live in an area, where atmosphere conditions are hardly predictable, have in mind the construction you are preparing for the BBQ yard area. At least leave a place for some umbrella-like construction, which may save your grilled burgers and meat from the rain one day. Another suitable way for you could building this barbecue construction connected to the house in some ways. This will give you the possibility of fast removal of the utilities, quests and food from outside to the inner parts of the dwelling.

If you want your barbecue place to be not only for a fast food experience but a distinguished area for gathering good memories think of the design more precisely. Add not only the basic stuff, but also some slight decorations. Add drapes, add textile finishing cushions to the garden furniture. You could install a TV set or a music system, which will make things even more comfortable in this manner.
To add some detail to your great BBQ yard area, leave some wooden parts natural, but put some paint over some. This will create a great contemporary contrast with the natural parts and the textile details of your barbecue area.

Multi-functional BBQ site
If you want even more from your BBQ yard area, you could go further and install all kinds of kitchen utilities and furniture around this idea. Bring out and assemble cupboards, think about the water supply. If you do need clean water outside, you must do the plumbing and tubing. Think about the sources of light as well, because who knows what time the party would finish.

If you want your guests to feel more comfortable and away from the hissing sound coming from the barbecue grill you should probably make a distance between the cooking area and the guest area. You could do that by building a screen or if you want to go much further – a brick wall. But since garden BBQ parties are actually to connect people, there is probably no reason for you to make such arrangements in separating people from the cook. Because this is probably the most interesting shared activity in a garden party – the idea of having food and conversations at one same time.

We mentioned light few lines before, but there is quite a thinking to be done in order to prepare your barbecue garden area for the late night hours.  We simply love those dull light bulbs which create a bit of a romantic and in the same time native and village atmosphere in the back yard. There are plenty of hanging light sets in the market, which come with different design. Some of our favorite are the ones with multiple light bulbs on a wire. This one could circle the whole BBQ yard and leave a romantic summer echo over your celebration outside.

Stylish outlook
If it happens that you aim for a more modern and stylish look for your BBQ ground then you should probably focus on some distinct features and materials for the BBQ cooking area and the guest space in the yard. Finish your barbecue with the hint of a limestone and more minimalistic look. For the top of the guests’ seat use some modern printed textiles or alfresco seating to top the wooden chairs and benches.

The view
Always do think about the surroundings of your barbecue area. If it happens that your yard has the opportunity to have a good and pleasant view, use it without hesitation! Assemble all the barbecue stuff in a way you could experience all the beauty of the view and in the same time do your cooking job in a proper way. This will not a problem of course, since you happen to be at such an energizing and in the same time calming place.

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