insects at home

How to get rid of insects at home Part 2

Wasps – These insects are not the best to have around your home. Plus they sting painfully, which makes them dangerous as well. They gather around trash which in a household is not exceptional. Food and drinks are also a magnet for them. They tend to make their nests around niches in buildings, under eaves, in bushes and attics.

To get rid of the nests you can use a product from the department store and spray them away. Do this only at night though. Just don’t try to remove the nest by yourself. You can also use the service of a specialist dealing with pests problems.


Most of us don’t even bother to talk about them, cause of their disgusting self. They tend to “do their stuff” around moist places, around food crumbs, paper, pet food and wax. They come out only for food and they mean no harm to you. But actually nobody likes them at all. You could use duct tape to seal the places of the wall openings around water pipes and siphons, because that’s the most suitable places for them to crawl out in your home.

If course you could use a commercial way for dealing with them.


Literally they suck blood! Not vampires but they could be the neighborhood vampires. During summer they are mostly seen around homes with gardens and animals close by. Check your pets while they play around outside, check yourself and the other in the family as well.

To keep the fleas away from the pets, comb them regularly and bathe them as well. Another great way is to use a pet collar for your cat or dog. If the situation is like a “massacre” with fleas, talk with a specialist and deal the problem properly.


A lot more dangerous than other insects, having in mind your health. They should be removed immediately from your home, because some of them can carry the Lyme disease.  If you find the thick already fixed in your skin it is better not to try to pick it out by yourself, cause its trunk could stay inside you. Visit as soon as you can a specialist doctor and they will know what to do.

Fruit flies

Well, just try not to leave your food outside box or the refrigerator, for reason’s sake! Imagine you leave your ripe bananas on the kitchen counter top. It will attract them for sure. Some of the best remedies for the fruit flies are actually home-made. And the way is simply to keep your food sealed and put away.