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How to get rid of insects at home Part 1

Every season holds its charm and good ways to have fun and do some work at home. Staying home is a way of reviving your powers in a quite environment, where you are simply the king of your castle. Talking about summer we tend to expect fresh air, open windows, doors and having the refreshing weather coming into the apartment or house. But insects can ruin all this.

Along with the great weather though we could “provide” ourselves with the extremely unwanted insects and pests, looking for food or just for making fun with our nice time-spending in a leisure atmosphere. Exposure to bugs and all kinds of home intruders isn’t that hard to prevent any more. Here we will talk about some of the greatest and easiest ways to get rid of those home invaders.


These are some of the summer insects that could ruin a nice wine-drinking and dinner-eating evening on the porch or on the terrace like it’s nothing. How to deal with them? The hint is that mosquitoes need standing water to breed. That’s why you should eliminate as many sources as you can.

Throw away empty soda cans and bottles away, drain planter saucers and clear gutters as well.  If you happen to live in a house with a yard or a garden you should keep the grass cut low and also keep screens in good repair.


Some of the most awful household nerve-breakers of all. Nobody likes them, and that’s a fact. They are especially present in spring and summer months. They lay their eggs in garbage, different kinds of soil, lawn clippings, animal waste, food, water and sewage. In order to ensure your home from them remove any kinds of litter away from your garden. You should also seal your food in packages and put it away. Close the doors and the windows more often as well.


Unless you ain’t got an animal farm for your kids to have fun and to observe ants are not wanted or welcomed in any home. You can always provide yourself with some chemical solution to get rid of them, but there are some more “natural” ways for this purpose as well.

For example – sprinkle some boric acid or powder around any entrances and along visible trails. Clean your home from the dust and use the boric acid or powder there. Another way is to use mix of boric acid with the same amount of flour or sugar. Ants just love those things but they cannot digest it well. That means they will carry the grains in their home, feed on them and they will die.

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