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Get rid of ants at home in few simple steps

Ants at home? You are probably starting to feel an uncontrolled feeling of horror in your mind. Images of hundreds of ants over your food and kitchen are a haunting perception that may terrify most of us. They are specific insects that can invade our home in any time anywhere, especially if we create a suitable atmosphere for them.

Yes, sometimes we create that particular suitable living space that attracts ants in our dwelling.  But still there is the essential question –How to get rid of ants at home? There are plenty of effective ways and home remedies for getting rid of ants or eliminate them permanently. Most of all there is the necessity to know what kind of those insects have invaded your home.

And since there are lots of types out there you should probably stuck in the web for a while to check this. This way you will know exactly what kind of control you have to manage to use.

Most of all baits depend on the kind of ant you have as an unwanted guest, because they all may have different food preferences.

What are the main reason ants invade your home?

That is probably because of the search for food and water of course. If only one ant discovers that in your home you can expect an army of those little once soon enough.

Logically if you eliminate the accessibility to these resources you will more likely be able to deal with this big problem.

  • Clean all traces of food or spilled liquids around the dwelling and especially in the kitchen. Crumbs of bread and other food can attract all kinds of insects and especially them. So mop your floor, kitchen tops, cupboards, pantries and all corners of the house efficiently;
  • Floors should be swept regularly so there are no signs of the food that you cook or consume during the day. You have to be very consistent in this mission because this is the first step in the mission of getting rid of ants naturally;
  • Pet foods should not be left around as well. When your cat or dog have finished with their feeding collect the remaining of the food;
  • Trash is also a big magnet to ants at home. You must empty the trash bin regularly to prevent buildup and any kinds of specific odors that can attract insects;
  • Rinse all kinds of recycled items before storing them anywhere in the house. Keep them under lid as well. If it is possible you can keep the trash containers outside the house so this way insects will not be attracted from any smells coming out of the rooms;
  • If you have a garden you should mow it regularly and collect any kinds of shrubs;
  • Clean the porch and terrace as well so there is no dust or debris from outside;
  • If there are any cracks in doors or windows keep them closed or sealed so there is now path for the insects into the dwelling;
  • If there are any leaks or water or any kinds of water pools around the house they could be also an attraction;
  • If you planning to spray the ants you should probably find the nest, because otherwise you get rid only of the workers, because in most of the occasions only they leave the nest.

Ant baits

They are mostly made of food so they can attract the ants using a slow-acting insecticide. This way workers will carry the poisoned food back into the nest and feed the others with it. It may seem it is a slower way but basically it is very efficient. Using these food baits may need an additional awareness of the type of ants that have invaded your dwelling.

You can find different baits in the special stores where you will be advised what type of bait to use according to the kind of insects you have got problem with.

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