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Garden Lighting – 4 Mistakes Everyone Makes With

Having a garden of a back yard is a luxury that not everyone can enjoy, especially in metropolitan areas like Berlin and London. However, for those who are lucky enough to have the space, there are several things they need to be careful with – and thanks to the expert advice of ElmarkHolding.eu we are going to let you know what the most common mistakes with garden lighting are.

Avoid these 4 things when picking garden lighting

When it comes to lighting a garden, there is little that can go wrong expect accidentally placing the power line in the wrong place or too short. Luckily, there are ways to avoid that and solar-powered garden lights are one of the ways to save you the hassle and trouble of power line installation.

1. Not enough lighting

One of the most common issues with lighting a back yard is that there is never enough of it and it’s hard to see, especially in key areas like stairs and steps of a patio. In order to avoid these mistakes, it’s a good idea to use combined lighting which comes from different angles – one is suitable for overhead and other variants are suitable for lighting from bellow.

Utilizing these two types of lighting bodies, plus patio lighting, will provide you with enough illumination and diversity of angles.

2. Too much lighting

There’s also the other end of the spectrum which is too much lighting – that happens when you overdo any particular style of lights, for example patio lights made for an even surface. Using too many lights can not only ruin the ambiance but even become blinding if not place in the right spots.

All this talking is fine and dandy, but what are the right spots for lighting? One way of preventing patio lights from blinding you when passing, is by selecting a directional variation which can either change its angle, or is fixed and is not shining straight up.

Those light variations are quite inexpensive and will light up any pathway or steps in a safe way, while also providing an ambient light to the selected area.

3. Mixing up lighting styles

While it is advisable to diversify the angle of lights (i.e. from bellow and above), it is not a good idea to mix light fixture styles as that might mix up the vibe of the entire space. Classical and rustic are not always interchangeable terms as rustic will often be something made to look more handmade, while a classical looking lighting fixture will have a cleaner, more pristine feel to them.

A way to avoid this and have a good transitional style, is the mixed or tex-mex style of lighting fixtures which you can find at ElmarkHolding.eu.

4. Not getting outdoor rated products

One issue which can become quite a serious one if not careful, is installing an indoor light outside. Indoor lighting is created with dust ingress protection, however, there is no protection for water and UV sunlight. Using an indoor light for outdoor use is not only hazardous but also impractical – be careful when you are buying garden and outdoor lights.

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