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Garbage disposal – the right ways

The importance of garbage disposal and dealing with the rubbish coming out of your home is a great one. It’s not only important to throw your leftovers. It’s not only rubbish and stuff in the garbage bin outside.

No. The other important things are making a mission of not using to much plastic items. This would be thrown away very soon after their usage and collecting separately the garbage.

The must be a bit more thought put into the idea of the home garbage collecting. Managing the household waste is not an easy one, but in the same time it’s not such a tough one since you put some thinking about it.

The most important thing

The most important thing of all is to reduce your garbage. How? For example try to reduce your food leftovers, which end up not used at all.

Try some new methods of collecting left over food and recooking it while it is still fresh. There are plenty of recipes in the web for this purpose. And this happens to be a reasonable garbage disposal plan.

Plastic bags

In order to reduce the usage of plastic bags use cloth bags when shopping. This will make you ensured that you actually do not use things which you don’t need at all.

And it is absolutely like that. There is no need to take another and another plastic bag every time you go to the department store.

You can buy yourself some cloth ones and even give them a good personal distinctive look by printing them with some favorite images or cool slogans. You could use such cloth bag not only in the grocery shop but even when buying different stuff- clothes, utilities, tech and other.


When buying food try to choose the one with less material on the packaging. Less packaging means you collect a lot less trash than you do when buying things and food, packed in boxes, paper and plastic in the same time for example.

You can always buy food with minimal packaging and if you bother to check, you will see that the monthly usage of plastic is a lot less.

For example- many of the food we buy can be found in the bulk food area in the stores. Rice, beans and similar, cereals, tea, spices and nuts could be found just like that in the grocery store – without additional package.

You continue with the garbage limiting process by collecting some of the foods in glass utensils, airtight or in plastic containers for multiple usage.


Once we talked about this theme. And we do recommend that if you have the opportunity to composting the organic stuff you throw out, do it! It’s not only the right thing to do.

It is also an activity which can be actually a family connection with nature and in the same time a great garbage disposal plan.

For this instance you should forget about microwave food and take-always, and cook your own dinner for you and your family.

That means less packaging for additional food, less trash after that. Not to mention that microwave food could be a lot unhealthy for you and your waistline. So think about that too.

If you want to have deal with decent and healthy food and use less packages, you should by from farmers’ markets. They do offer a lot of fresh food like fruit, vegetables and dairy products which are not wrapped in 3-times fold package of plastic. And again- take your cloth bag to collect your stuff.

Tap water or bottled water

There are some areas where tap water is not very good to drink. Hence there is quite a usage of bottled water. This is one of the major problems in the world- the deal with the plastic bottles and the damage they do to nature.

But since you live in an area where tap water is fine to be used for drinking and cooking, you better lower the usage of plastic bottles.

If there is something bothering you about that type of water you can always filter it. There are plenty of different devices for that occasion at the market.

Not to mention that instead of buying soft drinks and coke, you could prepare your own homemade lemonade in quantities by your demand.

This way you won’t pay for additional packaging again.

Paper usage

Since everyone is working and writing down things on his mobile or a computer, the people writing down on paper are not that much anymore.

At least we tend to think so.

But you will be highly surprised to know that we actually still do use a lot of paper for different purposes. For example a lot of paper still gets send by the mail – bills, advertising products and such other stuff.

You should really probably go paperless when it comes to receiving bills, cause there are already ways through which you could pay all this online.

Cleaning with natural products

This will reduce the buying of additional bottles of cleaners and detergents. Most of them are of sheer plastic and are not recyclable.

Thus they could be restricted from your daily usage and not included in the garbage disposal plan. How? Well, you could make your own cleaning cleaners from natural products which will save you money and usage of additional packages.

There are plenty of formulas to help you mix a homemade natural cleaner.

Multiple usage

Try to use some of your stuff more than once.

But hold on, we are not talking of forcing yourself to use your children’s toys or store them somewhere in the basement where they will take additional space.

No. You could go and donate them.

Actually you could do that to many of your stuff which you do not use any more- old bike, furniture, some decent clothes, toys, electrical appliances, utensils and etc.

Not to mention that old clothes and any other kinds of fabrics can be donated to fabric recycling facilities or to a homeless shelter in your area, where decent-shape clothes still can be of any use.

Hazard trash

Garbage disposal of hazardous trash properly and by the instructions given. Batteries are among the household items that cannot be used more than once. So when their tome comes you need to take care of them properly and dispose them right.

Batteries and similar items have to be thrown out with the trash or disposed into a special containers for hazardous waste.

Some other things that need special disposable methods are paint, TVs, computers, electronics, light bulbs etc.

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