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What we need to know when furnishing a kitchen

Furnishing your home is always a difficult task, especially if this is your first home and you are doing it for the first time. This applies to all rooms, but it seems that kitchenс have the most factors that we should pay more attention to. To make this easier for you, we decided to draw your attention to some very important points.

Be careful with the plants in the kitchen

You can put plants in your kitchen, but it is important to choose them carefully (see in Home-Blogger.com). Don’t forget that this is a place where food is prepared, so you need to keep the plants to a minimum. You certainly don’t want fallen leaves on the floor.


On the other hand, if you have too many pots with plants, then cleaning is slower, more difficult and takes more time. Suitable plants for the kitchen are aloe vera on some of the cupboards and dracena in some of the corners.

Tiles instead of wood

Granite tiles are the ideal solution for installation in the kitchen. Don’t make the mistake of choosing wooden flooring instead. In the kitchen you can often spill food, olive oil, water or something else on the floor.


We are sure that you don’t want all this to soak into your floor, do you? Instead, granite is a great choice. It is very strong, long-lasting, durable and easy to maintain. Moreover, tiles will always help you to keep your kitchen cleaner because you can treat them with stronger products in comparison with a natural wooden flooring, for example.

Pay attention to the backsplash

Recently, a huge variety of kitchen backsplash solutions are available on the market, and many people prefer to remove the old tiles. The problem is that this is a mistake, because tiles are usually much stronger and more durable.


Yes, if the apartment (or the house) is brand new and you are still choosing what to do with the kitchen, the tiles could be too expensive as an option. However, if you already have them, don’t make the mistake of removing them.




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