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How to Choose a Fireplace that Matches Your Interior

Enriching your interior with a fireplace is definitely something you shouldn’t miss upon if you have a house.

It could be a convenient way to heat the place and create a sense of harmony in your home. Furthermore, it could be an elegant focal point for a stylish finish to your interior design.

A Guide for Choosing the Right Fireplace for Your Lifestyle

Fireplaces can be designed according to your stylistic preferences and in accordance with the overall outlook of your home.

In order for the fireplace to be the ideal accent in your interior you need to consider a few things about your home before choosing a model.

Layout of the Room

The positioning of a fireplace should be strategically chosen not only in terms of heating needs, but also according to its appeal.

Observe the layout of your home interior and select the place where it would stand out stylistically. Imagine your home with the fireplace and try to sense where it would feel most delightful.

You could use the fireplace as a connector between two rooms like a kitchen and a living room, or in the center of one room as a unifying piece and a focal point.

Interior Style

That goes without saying, but the appearance and design of the fireplace should match your home’s outlook if you want it to create an intimate and cozy atmosphere.

Nowadays fireplaces are offered in numerous styles, materials and colors. They can have a traditional look with brick or stone surround, or a minimalist design for the modern interior.

To create outstanding accent in your home, you could mix modern interior with a classic looking fireplace to create variety. Natural stone fireplaces are a great rustic element to for countryside type of interiors.

The Mantelpiece

The mantel is the most decorative part of the fireplace, used to finish the look. It also keeps the surrounds safe and clean from the smoke.

Mantel can be made from wood, metals such as cast iron and different luxurious stones like marble. The classical white marble mantel is extremely elegant and brings a sense of aristocracy of your home.

Wooden mantels bring a more natural and rustic feeling to your fireplace, while metal ones allow for a variety of ornaments and decorative elements.

You could use the mantel to place items on top like vases, pieces of art and souvenirs for additional decoration.

Fireplace Types

The type of the fireplace in terms of how it works also affect its outlook. For example, wood burning fireplaces have that traditional romantic look that probably floats in your head when you imagine crawling next to the fire in winter evenings.

Electrical fireplaces are very versatile and provide a variety of styles. They could look very modern and high-tech, or they could be made to resemble traditional fireplaces.

Measure the pros and cons of every type to select the best option that matches your interior but is also the most functional according to your own needs and preferences.


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