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Energize your home atmosphere the right way

A dwelling is a home when we feel comfortable and safe in it. It is not only the effect of bunch of electrical appliances, contemporary furniture or modern pop-art. It is a result of the energy which all these things combine and eject out of themselves into your feelings and consciousness. Since it is very important for one to feel like no other place when being in his own home there are things which everyone must mind and do before calling a home what it is.
Nevertheless almost everything comes within some budget mathematics, which sometimes could be really exhausting. But there is also patience, efforts and some really good thinking in order to create your home in a way, which will be suitable for your needs and in the same time reflecting who you are.
But no matter the changes that you are going to deal with your dwelling, there must be a hint of things that add positive energy to the process and afterwards they will reflect on you again.

Painting is the easy one
The easiest and probably the cheapest way to re-energize your home atmosphere is by painting. To add a splash of color, contrast and energy to any room, go for a bright, super durable paint. If you choose the right one there are more color accuracies that you will reach more than ever. This way you can create a suitable space, relying on your needs. Durable paints are also UV resistant. That means they will last longer, giving you more cost value, if this is the thing you are aiming at as well.

Here are some painting ideas which may revive you dwelling for good:
The fun colors
If you find your entryway less than exciting you can roll up your sleeves and add a new coat of paint. This will give it a welcoming and colorful vibe. Wow guests the moment they step through the door by choosing a lively shade such as yellow or mint green- simply energizing for you and for them. Another way is to make the room seem larger- go for a paint color that’s slightly darker than the shade in the adjacent living room, dining room, or home office.

Surprise yourself
When most homeowners think of painting ideas, many imagine slathering an entire wall in a new color. But sometimes, doing something smaller can have a greater impact, as we have said before. For example, try painting only the backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom. It’s a whole lot more cost-effective than re-doing the countertops or cabinets, but it’ll give the room an entirely new look and appearance.

Chalkboard paint can make magic
Think chalkboard paint is only offered in black? Of course not. Try nearly every color in the color palette. This can open up a universe of opportunities, which will be able to refresh your home. Whether you paint your pantry door or a piece of furniture such as the kitchen table. Chalkboard paint, especially in a bold color, adds instant charm to your home. It’s also functional, whether you use it to jot weekly menus or grocery lists in your kitchen or a family owned cafe.

When thinking about repainting a dwelling the ceiling is the last thing we have in mind. And this is probably a bit of a mistake. The ceiling is such an important part of a home’s style that designers often call it “the fifth wall”. Painting the ceiling is one of those remodeling ideas that put a major impact on the look of your home. If your walls are neutral, try making the ceiling your accent wall with the help of a more distinctive color. A vibrant pop of color will add interest and personality, and it will also nicely complement lighter walls.

Feng Shui
It’s not only way of remodeling or refurbishing your dwelling. It is a way of thinking and practicing the value of this Eastern culture. Though a simple rearranging your rooms is one of the fastest and easiest ways to refresh your design. If you do it the right way you will be able to add more positive energy into your home. Feng shui, the ancient Chinese system of aesthetics, is believed to use the law of Earth and the law of Heaven to help improve one’s life. Rearranging your furniture is said to improve energy flow in a room and is also cheaper than throwing out the old stuff and buying yourself new ones. There are plenty of books and magazines where you will be able to get to know with this this type of culture, especially in theoretical manner.

New appliances
Sometimes it is almost impossible to change something if you do not add a little bit of new stuff in your home. For example if you want to give your kitchen a face lift, you don’t need to buy pricey new large appliances like refrigerators and cooking ranges, electrical gadgets and all that is in the shiny magazines. Why not aim for a new kitchen faucet or replace the knobs on your cabinetry? Sometimes small changes can make big-time differences. Thus making our space at home more cozy and admired.

Recreate the furniture
Instead of discarding old pieces of furniture and replacing them with newer models just for the sport, give your existing furniture a quick makeover. Probably the easiest and approachable way is to purchase colorful slipcovers (or the colors you prefer and make you feel comfortable) to add some emotions to plain pieces or sew your own in darker hues to hide overwhelming floral prints, which you do not like anymore. If you have got some visible wooden pieces, learn how you can distress them. Then you will be able to go all along the distance from contemporary pieces to older antiques for a vintage look.

Reposition some kitchen cabinets
If it happens that you are not up for a full kitchen renovation and not ready to spend a whole bunch of money on that, replace half of your existing kitchen cabinets with a contrasting tone of wood. According to some specialists, the combination of pine and cherry, can make your kitchen look eclectic versatile. You can accomplish this effect especially with the addition of a great backsplash.

The soundtrack
Have you ever thought about putting some music on? This influential kind of art is super strong to the senses when you choose the best one for you. With the right music you can actually set a tone into your mind when working or enjoying a leisure time at home.

Natural candles
Some flickering candle light will create soothing atmosphere and will let you cool down for a while. You can light as many as you want. Just do have in mind the safety rules when setting up a group of candles at home. You know- safety first!

Add some fresh plants or flowers into the dwelling. This way you can experience nature and all it has to offer. It is a surefire way to enjoy positive vibrations, mindfulness and an uplifted mood. Many studies have dealt with this one, and find that nature-like decorations like flowers and plants fight depression, and in the same time improve mental health and wellbeing.

Why not bring nature indoors and attract positive energy to your home? One way to do this is to fill your living space with potted plants and fresh flowers. Bright colors and odor of plants and flowers will add literally and sensitive fragrance in your dwelling. They will make it also a more welcoming space for your guests.

According to experts, certain plants are better than others at promoting positive energy and improving wellbeing. Such can be cactus, bamboo, jasmine, lavender, miniature roses, rosemary, mint, chrysanthemums, aloe vera and orchids.

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