How to easily remove pet hair from the carpet

Easy ways of removing pet hair from the living room carpet

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Pets, everyone has them, most of us love them like children, but it sure can be a pain to clean up after them, even if they are house trained (which is a must) they still leave fur and hair on the carpet.

Carpeted areas like living room floors, staircases, hallways and other parts of the house have the added flaw of catching everything, imbedding it deeply into the fibers of the carpet with each step you take.

This is why it’s so important to clean up on time

While there are some breeds of dogs and cats that do not shed, the ones like huskies or other long haired breeds do it quite often, and quite a lot.

The undercoat of dog bread for snowy regions like the husky, falls off twice a year, changing with the seasons to better suit the animal – shedding it during the summer, then growing it back during autumn.

It’s quite soft and nice to the touch, much like dawn and goose feathers – though the comparison is quite relative – the dog hairs are quite fine, and if not removed immediately can stay with the fabric of the carpet for a quite a long time.

Removing them can be a pain if you do not act quickly – using these two tricks you won’t have a problem.

Use natural resources

You don’t even have to use any detergents or special equipment – all you have to do is use a wet rug or a wash cloth and go over the fabric of the carpet – and you will get most of the undercoat with one movement.

Repeat when necessary, though you will have to rinse it quite often – remember, go against the grain of the carpet, and not with it – that way you will pick up even hairs that go deeper into the textile.

If you want to do a dry run, you can use a vacuum cleaner, again, going against the grain of the carpet to use the friction and resistance of the carpet fabric to your advantage. It will raise most of the hairs on the first pass, which will be sucked up by the vacuum – repeat if necessary.

These few tips come from personal experience, so they have been tested – although your best ally here is thoroughness – or getting rid of the carpets in the first place.

In fact it might be the best decision you will make while being an owner of a shedding breed of cat or dog – save yourself the trouble.