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Genius Ideas For an Easy-to-Clean Bathroom Design

Certainly a well-designed bathroom with elegantly chosen colours and neat vanity furniture could easily be one of the cosiest and most aesthetic rooms of your home.

The feeling of freshness that comes with a new bathroom, however, dissipates in a blink when it’s time to clean the place. Unfortunately the room in which you clean yourself tends to get filthy faster than all other rooms.

Cleaning the bathroom is undoubtedly one of the most tedious experiences that could take away the pleasures of a warm and relaxing bath.

There are, however, certain intelligent approaches you could apply while designing your bathroom that would take away a lot of the struggle in the cleaning process.

How to Make Your Bathroom Easy to Clean by Default

The layout of your bathroom is of crucial importance for the space optimization in such a manner that would require minimal effort to be kept clean.

These tips will lead you to create a modern low maintenance and mould-resistant bathroom that is easy to keep spotless at all times.

Air It Out

Weak exhaust systems are a magnet for mould and mildew. If you miss upon a good ventilation system your bathroom will be prone to accumulating layers of grime and gunk that comes from the excessive moisture that is typical for these spaces.

You could combine exhaust and a window, or put some vents near the shower area to prevent moisture from doing its damage. An inline fan with a remotely located motor could solve the problem with bothersome noise that goes with regular fans and prevents you from fully relaxing in the bath.

Go For Minimalism

The less edges and crevices there are, the less work you have to do with scrubbing away soap scum and gunk.

Wall-hung features could save you the trouble of cleaning the dirt that loves to live at the corners between the furniture and the floor. Wall-mounted faucets are a genius innovation, as they let the soap residue go down the drain instead of accumulate at the base of the faucet.

For your vanity furniture pick simple products with neat contemporary design and smooth surface.

Heavily framed shower screens are also tedious to clean, as the elements of the frame hold a lot of dirt. You can make your life easier by picking frameless shower screens and apply water repellents that don’t let moisture stay on the surface.

For a general neat outlook of your bathroom avoid toilets with plastic cisterns as they inevitably discolour too soon and start looking nasty by default.

Back-to-wall toilets are a genius way to avoid the undesirable cleaning of the space behind the toilet. You could go one step further and get a back-to-wall pan with an in-wall built cistern – it saves a lot of space and cleaning time.

Avoid Tile Edges

Dirty grout is probably the first thing that pops into your mind when you think about bathroom cleaning. Stubborn like a persistent nightmare, moist grout loves to attract mould, odd fungi and plain scum that turn the cleaning process into an actual torture.

The good news is that a permanent solution exists if you remember to think about it while planning your bathroom’s design.

The simplest way to get rid of dirty grout is to have less tile edges by choosing larger tiles or broad solid surfaces like elegant stone slabs.

Not only it saves time on cleaning tile, but it makes the space look bigger.

If the lack of variety and rhythm is a problem for you, you can pick tiles with compelling texture that will add an accent to your interior without adding extra edges that would require cleaning.


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