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Easy ideas for bedroom transforming

You like your bedroom. You respect your personal space and do whatever it takes to keep it comfortable and trendy. Nevertheless there are times when you need to put some extra effort. Some more money in refurbishing, renovating or just slightly transforming it with new wall frame, new cushions or some new sheets. Here we will deal with some great and inexpensive ideas for bedroom transforming.

Before you start with the money-spending process, think about the basic things you need in the bedroom for comfortable inhabiting there. Yep, there aren’t much, which means you don’t have to spend much money whatever the cause.


The bedroom area is like a sanctuary and deserves best of your attention. This way it will provide you with the same amount of comfort. Keep it fresh with your personal and favorite stuff – books, magazines, comic books, lamps, cushions or something else, that drives you in “calm waters”.

Color power

Yes, colors do have special powers, which we often do take seriously enough. So if you want this place to be a place for personal relaxation and well time-spending, think about color. It could be your favorite, and it could be the color that calms you down or why not energize you in its own way.

We recommend more milky colors, which tend to be rather soothing and create a more calming feeling. Think about your bedroom furniture style, when coloring the walls or the ceiling. Darker colors produce a rich and more comforting space, while warm tones like salmon, blush pink and their common will create more contemporary and cozy space.


If you are not an “early bird”, you are not a fan of the morning’s first sunrays. Well after a long night at a club nobody needs “ laser beams” striking directly his eyes. So you should think about window shutters. You know texture absorbs light, which means that simple curtains will do that and will also collect additional heat during summer.

An easy and money-sparing project for transforming ideas for bedroom is to replace the curtains with simple window shutters or wooden slatted blinds. A perfect way for light-stopping and also a privacy – saving way. Matted window glass will do a great job for the transparency as well.


You should really think about de – cluttering your bedroom space. Nobody likes an untidy bedroom where everything from socks to pajamas and blankets lay themselves around the floor and bed. That’s why storage is so important. Use your additional space under the bed for example. With the help of simple wooden baskets you could store your clothes for the next season. A multi – storage unit or a natural – looking basket will be helpful as well.

Where we step

Flooring is a great and important point concerning transforming ideas for bedroom. We simply love carpets over a wooden floor. Of course you could go with something else instead. Have in mind that carpets and massive rugs could make you feel a little bit without space in the bedroom. So just plain flooring – wood, stone or laminated planks will do just fine and will create a feeling of comfort after a good bedroom transforming.

Basic point

Like each and every room in your home has a main point, bedroom should also gave a focal one. Bedroom transformation could include the idea of such a place or an item, where most of the attention will be concentrated. Forget about the TV set, no matter how much you’d like that. Having the most comfortable bed in the world is way better idea than that.

So invest effort and a bit of money in a simple decoration of why not more modern and “healthy” bed and linen. Mural and any different wall tapestry will create a good focal point, so in your next bedroom transforming think about that as well. A nice armchair in the corner of the room will be a perfect additional contrasting point.

Mirrors for 

Creating space with mirrors is not a new trick concerning ideas for bedroom. Ages before people used reflecting surfaces to create space and reflect the natural light. A simple mirror is a great addition to your bedroom transforming activity. It creates also bright energy, which will be very energizing in the mornings, when the sun rays are coming from the windows – a perfect start of the day.

It is great that you could find your mirrors in variety of design and sizes.

Contrast in the design in ideas for bedroom

Contrasting objects have always created a good vibration in a room. No matter what kind of style is your space, after a bedroom transforming you could put some decorations, which will affect the whole atmosphere. It’s kind of an easy plan to do.

A good example – if your bedroom style is more of a bright colors a white, add some metallic or plastic pieces of decorations. They could come in vintage gray or faded black for instance. The poster of your favorite movie or a concert may be a bit aggressive to the soothing atmosphere, but if it makes you happy, you can go with it with no hesitation.

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