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Easy attic access

Structurally speaking the attic space between your ceiling and the roof – it is more than ΒΌ of the space of the house that in many cases it goes unused because there is no access to the space.

In some cases the access to the attic is through a small hatch in a closet, but it does not allow large objects like big storage boxes to up it.

What types of access is there

For houses that do not have stairs to that part of the house, there are some very nice solutions for new installs like pull down ladders that need some structural attachment to the framing of the house.

This is in the cases where the house is timber framed and not masonry or concrete – the likelihood of a crawl space or an attic is quite slim in these cases.

Can you install a drop ladder yourself

The installation of such an attachment to the ceiling must go directly to the framing of the house because it must have structural integrity to withstand your weight and that of any object you will be carrying.

Safety when creating such additions to the house is quite important so it’s important to be quite careful – in fact it’s not recommended as a DIY project because of required modifications to the house.

The frames of the roof take the weight of the structure and dissipate it down to the foundations through a series of joists and trusses – any modifications to that structure must be done by an experienced builder.

If you have no experience in this matter it is not recommended to go about it alone – also there is important spacing with installation that you need to consider.

Calling a carpenter

When you call a carpenter for this modification you get the expertise as well as the knowledge for keeping the structural integrity of the roof and the framing of the house altogether.

Proper installation of attic access like a pull-down ladder requires the spacing and the removal of some trusses and the modification of certain parts of the ceiling.

If you are not ready to sacrifice some ceiling space and do not have a good position for it, maybe you should consider outside access to the attic as it is the other good alternative to your storage needs.

Of course, there are some good solutions for that as well, though they limit your approach from the side of the house quite a bit.

Consider a consultation with a professional before purchasing any ladders for an attic as it might not be possible for your house.

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