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How to deal with greasy stains at home

Which are the best ways to deal well with greasy stains– that is a question, which most of us have tried to resolve at least few times. Cleaning solutions are probably one of the best way to reach that level of cleanness of clothes, furniture, textile, leather and any other stuff you could find around your home.

Sometimes the easiest and fastest way to clean up something is the way which everyone prefers to use, when dealing with such a problem. That tendency has become a lifestyle that is true. But it is probably the best way to clean in our house or apartment especially when the greasy stains have conquered the place.

There are as well some other paths to the clean and well looking surfaces and materials in the interior. They are equally easy to follow and efficient. Here are some of the natural products which can help you save yourself with the unwanted greasy stains and spots around the house and especially the kitchen.

  1. Flour against the greasy stains at home

    It’s ironic, but this ingredient actually can be found in every home and it is basically one of the best ways to clean oily and greasy spots and all the mess a cooking could make in the kitchen. That’s right – flour is one of the most effective ways for you to deal with those types of problems. This way, when you here that well know “oops” and look at the stain on the carpet for instance you will be just fine and relaxed, knowing the fact that the flour can help you in this particular situation and especially against greasy stains.

So the best way for you is instantly to sprinkle some quantity over the fresh spot. This way it will absorb the grease and it will be easier for you to simply wipe it away with a cloth.

  1. Baking soda and water

    This is also a cool and easy way to deal with the greasy problems. Baking soda in combination with water is a great way to deliver clean quality of the home and especially this kind of defilements. This particular type of cleaning is better when the spilled grease is already soaked into the textile. The baking soda will dissolve the fat up to a level when it will become easier to be wiped off the textile.

In such a case simply mix 3 tablespoons baking soda with 1 cup of water. Use the mixture to wipe the dried fat off the flat surfaces like kitchen counters, oven tops, pans and many others.

  1. Salt and alcohol. Another great way to deal with this problem. The combination between these two will do very well, instead of using expensive and sometimes harmful chemical solutions. So imagine you are having a dinner at home and a big fat stain simply “appears” on the carpet. The combination of salt and alcohol is a great way to the “no-panic-situation”.

For carpets, rugs and similar items mix 1 part salt with 4 parts of rubbing alcohol. Use soft textile tissue and serious rubbing to wipe out the stains.  After drying out, you could use the vacuum cleaner to clean the remaining salt.

  1. It actually works! Some of the most persistent greasy stains are “healable” with this solution. Just use a spray bottle and sprinkle some of the vinegar over the area. Leave it there for a few minutes while the vinegar does its job and wipe. If this doesn’t work it will at least make them easier to clean after additional treatment with baking soda for example.
  2. Washing soap

    When everything in your kitchen is big mess you could use this simple solution to the problem. Its ingredients can dissolve the stains of grease off the kitchen utensils in an instant. It will work also for the soft textiles, table covers and other stuff like these. Leave it there for about half an hour, and then wash it with cold water.

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