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Cool backyard improving with artificial turf

A good house is not enough when it comes to a bad – maintained front or backyard. If you happen to be from the ones, blessed with a yard and a lawn, you will know that the effective outlook needs a lot of work sometimes. That’s why we thought of a good way to maintain your yard lawn with artificial turf, and create a good finishing touch to the backyard improving.

For the ones who definitely want a good-looking backyard improving … well, say no more! A lot of specialists know how to do that. The secret is good maintenance, some hardware, few weekends and will to do what is necessary. And if you think there is too much work in the real grass, we can offer a good idea for an artificial turf, which will look amazing and will need less work for maintenance.

Artificial lawn is very popular garden choice for few years already. Not that we do not prefer the natural grass. But for those of you who want that cool and relaxing greenish atmosphere, there must a way too, mustn’t it? So there are some useful trends and tips, which might help in case you need such a decision for the yard.

The tools for backyard improving

For every backyard owners there are some obligatory possessions, which they ought to have. Right? You cannot maintain a backyard well, if you ain’t got the proper tools and gadgets for the job.

We can start with the artificial grass that is the main purpose for this article. You will need a digging tool – shovel, you know this, right? Next there is the need of a hammer, craft knife, brush, protective gloves (of course), building sand, weed control fabric and a jointing tape. There you go – use them wisely!


First step is to prepare the garden for the procedure. Start this by removing the existing grass (if there is such. If there is not – the better and easier). If there are small areas with existing turf, go on and do this with a spade. In case there is a larger area of grass you could use a turf cutter. This could remove at depth at about 4 cm, which is kind of helpful for the upcoming task.

 The sand

That is the next step. When all the old turf is removed sufficiently, you should add a new layer of sand. You can use the so called builder sharp sand. The necessary depth that you need is about 3.5cm. It will serve as the base for the new turf.

Leveling for a good backyard improving

It’s a job with a perspective meaning. Leveling the surface at this point of the job will improve the final outlook of your garden. Level the sand evenly across the prepared area. This way you will be sure of the quality of the base level of sand for the turf. For a good leveling use a wooden plank and a heavy hammer to compact the sand and in the same time create a more visible line of the surface.

But do not worry. Little slopes and uneven parts are OK.

Membrane layer

Now add a membrane layer. It’s kind of a weed membrane, put over the top of the already flat sand surface. You must be assured that the membrane layer covers and overlaps the whole prepared surface by about 30 cm.

Time for the grass

When all of this is well-prepared it is time for you to put the grass over the surface. While doing this have in mind that artificial grass has a slight angle in one side. So be careful when you adjust it and make it with the more “right” look towards the house. This way it will have more natural outlook.

Now roll out the grass and cover the area well. Trim the edges of the artificial grass if necessary. Use a craft knife. Do this in case the rolls of the grass are staggered and they end in a line.

Jointing process

If it happens that you use more than one roll of an artificial grass, make sure you adjust them well one to another. Make sure the angle heads one and the same directions. And be careful and do not be hasty when leveling the surfaces that are one beside the other.

Fixing the rolls together

Approaching the final of this process of the backyard improving, there is time for you to fix the artificial grass well. The separate rolls of the turf must be glued together. You can do this with the jointing tape, we mentioned you will need before. Spread the tape along the area, where the rolls will join to each other.

Then you must add adhesive to the jointing tape, and place the edges of the rolls onto the tape. Be careful for some blades that could touch the glue.

Create casual look

Once the rolls are glued together well, ruffle up the artificial grass a little bit. This will make the eventual line of connection to disappear and in the same time will improve the natural effect of the turf.

If you find it difficult to spread the rolls with turf, use pins to adjust them to the ground well. Put them on every 15-20 cm. Ruffle the grass again around the pins.

Finishing and the natural look

The all new natural-like turf in the backyard is ready and waiting for your barbecue guests next weekend. The last thing you could do now is to brush the new lawn with the stiff brush that we mentioned before. Now you do have easy – to – maintain grass lawn with a great natural look.

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