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How to consume less power at home

The most important thing about a home is probably its comfort, feeling of safety and the idea of a fortress of yours. But since everything comes with a price, everything needs to be maintained. The price of a comfort home is not only furniture, space, food and utilities. It’s about energy. And since energy is something, provided by nature we should learn how to improve our way of living and save a bit more for the next generations.
Using power/electricity is a thing which is so dig down in our everyday life, that activities at home cannot be imagined without having it. But as we were thinking about that we have come up with the idea of hacks, which improve your less-consuming energy way of life, without putting you through any kind of efforts.

Phantom loads
It is a term, that indicates the energy that appliances and electronic devices consume even though we think they are turned off. What do we mean?- It doesn’t matter that you have turned off your TV set. If it is still connected to the grid, it still consumes an amount of energy. Recent researches prove that a lot of the average households consume more than 70% of the electricity used to power their devices, while the actual devices are turned off.
So it’s more than easy to eliminate the “phantom loads” by plugging off your electrical devices from the grid.

Light bulbs
Energy- efficient devices are all over the market and basically there is almost no excuse for us not using them. Start by changing the light bulbs. It’s the least expensive thing which you could do, having in mind the expensive devices that you are using it for. And the most important thing is that you pay a bit more for a light bulb, but actually this is saving you a lot more money in time, cause those little fellas are more productive and durable than the standard bulbs.

Energy-saving devices

Use them more frequently. It is very easy for you to know which electrical devise has more or less environmental effect over nature. If you are in a shop, trying to figure out what device you should have, see for any kind of labels or stickers with information somewhere on it. There are already appliances which consume up to 50% less energy than any other from their kind. Of course, they may cost a bit more, but hey, the choice is absolutely yours, because these types of devices actually do spend a lot less energy.

Fans instead of ACs
Use fans for cooling in summer instead of Air Conditioning systems. It will be probably cheaper, unless you have provided yourself with a better AC system, which is energy saving.

When planning the warming up of the house, you should try to insulate properly the whole place. Seal air leaks, aside from the insulation. Look for any small cracks or gaps between walls and window frames. Specialists advice that good insulation helps you save money and increase the effect of the heating devices in cold seasons. This way you save from your electricity bill.

Improving the insulation
More than 50 percent of the used energy at home goes toward heating or cooling, that’s a fact. By improving your insulation in the house or in the flat, walls, attic, roof, floor and windows as well, it slows the flow of air between inside and outside, making it easier to control your home’s temperature. The easiest place to add insulation in your home is the attic.

Heat water only when and IF you need it
Think about it- the usage of less hot water will absolutely keep your electricity bill lower. According to different studies, heating up water for home purposes is at third place as an energy consumption and bill changer. To cut down on water use, take faster showers and be conscious of the water you use when washing dishes and clothes and preparing food. You can also save energy by lowering your hot water temperature as well. There also a lot of new type water-heaters that saves a lot of the energy consumption.

Artificial and Natural ways of keeping it cool
If you happen to live in a house or a place, where you could plant a tree, do it. It will make you the big favor of the natural shade. It all depends on its location and possibility to grow tall, of course.
Since your home is not so much exposed to the sun, there will be lesser need of a electrical cooling. This could save you money and in the same time work on the benefits of saving our nature.
solar panel, save energy

Sun batteries
It already does not sound so futuristic. Everyone has the ability to put some solar panels over the roof or any other building. There are plenty of companies, that ensure the adjusting of those useful and genius devices. It;s a perfect way for a hot water for a whole household and it saves a lot of electricity.

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