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5 Stunning Colour Palettes for an Outstanding Living Room

Colours have an almost otherworldly way of creating different atmosphere and mood.

Choosing the right colours for an elegant living room is essential for the way you feel in your home, as this is where you would spend most of your time.

You have to think artistically while creating a colour palette, but also know which general rules to follow for successful combinations that provide positive feelings and a stylish outlook.

The Most Aesthetic Colour Schemes for your Living Room

Interior designers can make a room look bright, colourful and stylish, while actually using only two colours.

A good colour palette is a matter of knowing which colours complement each other well and which shades make an ideal pair.

The finest colour combinations for home interior have already been discovered by the ancient aristocrats and are still used by today’s greatest designers.

1. A Palette of Ochres with Turquoise

Ochre comes in a myriad of shades that would satisfy all tastes – from sharp citron type of yellow, to mellow gold, and of course the classic mustard tone. The warmth of these nuances is ideally complemented by the cold shades of the blue area of the colour wheel.

Ochre-coloured walls accompanied by deep blue or turquoise shades for doors, windows and furniture, accounts for a timeless living room décor. This classical combination comes from ancient times and continues to inspire interior designers worldwide.

2. Luxurious Greens with Creamy Backgrounds

Nature-inspired elements in a luscious park green tones give your living room an aristocratic feel when accompanied by muted creamy pastels.

This colour scheme is repeatedly used in classical oil paintings, as it gives a high sense of elegance and aesthetic appeal. It evokes feelings of harmony and serenity and accounts for a classy-looking living room.

3. Classic White and Blue with a Pop of Red

Inspired by the sea, blue and white combinations have been used for exterior and interior design for ages, especially in coastal areas.

The pure whites in the company of pale blue elements create feelings of serenity and make the room look more spacious. Pops of red are an ideal way to create visual accents in your living room, add a touch of warmth, and generally give it a more stylish outlook.

4. Peachy Pastels with Light Greens

Green nuances can bring harmony to your living room, or create a lively atmosphere. The variety of cooler or warmer shades of green is well balanced by peachy tones of light orange.

Combining colours that stand opposite on the colour wheel makes their qualities stand out, as these nuances look brighter when they are put next to each other. This fact is used in the classic combination between sage green and peachy pastels for a cheerful and delicate outlook.

5. Divine White with a Touch of Metallic Tones

A luxurious outlook does not require excessive decoration and expensive materials. In fact, it can be achieved with just a few accents on the right spots.

A white interior with creamy tones is ideally complemented by touches of golden or silver elements for an aristocratic look that provides a feeling of tranquillity. White velvet for the upholstery and metallic decorations for the furniture finish the outlook with a touch of divinity.

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