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Cleaning your washing machine- the right and easy ways

You simply love your washing machine, don’t you? You put the dirty fabrics and clothes in it and there you go- in half an hour you have got them all cleaned up and ready to use. But have you thought about the washing machine and its needs? Well, you should do that. Cause it has “feelings” and needs too. And if you do not be careful with them you may not be able to use its services as long as you want to. Cleaning your washing machine the right way- these are some useful tips and tricks. You will thank us later!

Important steps
Cleaning your washing machine and the detergent drawer
It’s a must-do thing for you. The detergent drawer can be a home for germs, encrusted washing powder and other unpleasant and unwanted items like mold. It is a small place which sometimes is hard to be clean, but still…. you have to deal with this one. And do not forget it is the place where you put your cleaning material. It’s a place which you should trust.
If you want the best for your washing machine remove the whole set and clean it up with the help of a toothbrush, combined with non-aggressive domestic cleaner. If the removing of the filter seems harder than you thought, consult with the manual.

Your friend – the filter
Start with planning of cleaning your washing machine, but first start with the filter! Most of them could could contain debris from the washing material and clothes. The filter protects your washing machine from different stuff like lint, stray tissues, metal items from your jeans and other clothes and general dirt. It also can collect different kinds of germs. Also it is a place which provide good conditions for bad odors to thrive. This bad smells could “catch” your laundry as well, and we all know this is not very nice.
What to do?- Regular cleaning of the filter can improve its role. It will remove all the fluff, dirt and other unwanted particles which can gather in there. And again- if you do not how to do all of this check your user manual, or call a professional.

The drum
Cleaning your washing machine the right way must happen. Even if you have to- put a label above it in order not to forget. Clean it every time you think of this. It always looks absolutely clean but nevertheless it might not be as you think. For example- germs are not visible. So in order to improve the cleanness in there run an empty wash at least once a month. You could use crystals, or dishwasher tablets for this occasion. Do all this at about 60 degrees. This procedure will kill germs if there are any. Also it will remove bad smells which could be very unpleasant and damage the good odor of your already washed laundry.

Bad smells? It’s time to end them for good
Probably all of us suffered the occasion in which we open the door of the washing machine after a good run only to find out that there is something wrong with the smell in there. The reason for this is probably that the moist conditions are perfect for mould to grow. So to prevent at least partially this leave the washing machine door slightly opened after every cleaning.This will allow fresh air in and will improve its circulation. This will prevent the breeding of germs and will reduce any damp scents.

The door seal
Since you have started with the cleaning your washing machine, think about the door sealing as well. There is a small narrow space in there which will collect unwanted dirt to hide in. That rubber part of your washing machine is very important just like the other parts we already talked about. So in order to prevent the damaging of this part and to clean your washing machine properly clean this part of it every time after a run.

The right stuff
No matter how much you strive in this particular endeavor, cleaning your washing machine and all of its parts, one thing is very important. It’s the washing detergent you use for this occasion. The kind of cleaning solutions for your washing machine depends on what part of it you are about to take care of. Every detergent has different effect on it. For this occasion it is very important to choose the right things to wash every part of the device.

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