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Cleaning tricks every household should know

No matter that you are not a house-cleaning junkie, there is always the need to take a good proper care of your house or apartment. It’s a must-do treatment of the space that you and your family inhabit and it should be as healthy as a dream home.

But imagine you do not have the proper time to deal with the hygiene in your home. Then it all turns into little hell, because the mess is growing, the piles of unwashed clothes and dirt in the bathroom as well and this makes your home not only look but also smell … not very well. That is why sometimes you will need the additional support of some good cleaning tricks.

So to deal with all this you don’t always have to call the emergency group f specialists to clean you the mess, cause it costs and sometimes it costs a lot. All you have to do is put yourself together and add a little bit of thinking in the whole mission of cleaning the house. Here you can find some basic and easy-to-make cleaning tricks which will keep your home neat and your private time – not touched.

Imagine that all the housewives in the world are gathered in one place and can give you the best advices that they could ever provide you with in order for you to clean the house properly. It’s almost the same. So, here are some tips and tricks that will help you in this occasion.

  • Cleaning of wooden surfaces and floors

In case you do not have any wooden furniture and floors at home you have no problem. But in case you do, you have to keep in mind some things that could make their maintenance easy as a piece of cake. Parquet floors have their special needs just as the wooden furniture. And the main thing is the right cleaning. There is such a thing like homemade eco solution among the cleaning tricks which can deal with all the tasks, so your floor will look explicitly great for you and your quests.

For this purpose mix together half a glass of vinegar, one teaspoon of soap, a bit of alcohol, two coffee cups of warm water and why not a little bit of etheric oil. When you prepare this mixture with the help of a spray bottle cover the necessary areas of the wooden floor.

  • Vinegar and its special powers

This exemplifies on of the most unique ways for cleaning the microwave oven. It’s an easy and effective option which will make your inner parts of the microwave look and smell well. For this occasion you should use a mixture made from water and vinegar, which you must put in one wide bowl which matches the size of the inner part of the oven.  Turn it on. Afterwards the steam which evaporates will deal with the greasy stains left after cooking in there. After that simply wipe off the remaining of the process.

Clean that place easy enough with just three ingredients, combined into the perfect mixture. All you will need is some baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and some soap. Mix the three of them, so you have a nice mixture and spread it over the whole surface of the oven which needs to be cleaned. Leave it there for about three minutes, and after that wipe it carefully with moisturized cloth.

  • Cleaning tricks for the hard-to-reach parts of the rails of the windows

These are places which gather all kinds of dirt and dust which for instance happen to grow more and more and one day – voila you simply cannot close the sliding windows without putting a lot of effort on this. The thing you will need here is again a simple solution. Mix some baking soda and some apple vinegar. With the help of an old and unnecessary toothbrush rub in the solution.

This way you will be able to finally get rid of all the gathered dirt and layers of dust in these narrow places. You will be probably amazed when you see how effective this particular way of cleaning will be about the window trails.

In case you have that kind of window covers you probably have dealt with the problem of the high quantity of dust which can gather there. No one wants that, that’s more than clear. In order to take care good care of this problem without scattering the dust around the room you will simply need two basic things. One of them is a serving pinch, which you could probably find in every average kitchen. The second thing is a pair of old socks or some cloth to cover the two parts of the serving pinch.

Next thing is to clutch the blinds one after another, squeezing this way the dust which simply stays on the cloth.

  • How to deal with the dirty shower

Everyone has been having problems with the messy shower and especially the shower head. It’s a perfect place for the so called “hard water” to remain and leave its traces. They seem like white unpleasant hard junk which you simply cannot get rid of only by washing with bare hands.

So, put the shower head in a plastic bag. Fill the bag with vinegar and tie it up at the open part so both the vinegar and shower head stay in there for a while. More precisely – one night. The next morning get it out and you will most probably see that there are no layers of hard water left.

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