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Clean that bathroom. The natural way.

No matter, and we mean really no matter how crazy pedantic you are, there are possibly days when you just want to take a big break and not deal with anything. Eventually though you’ve got to in the bathroom of yours and clean it up. Yep, spring is coming and you oughta roll up your sleeves and do what you gotta do. Bathroom is that milestone where you feel a bit defenceless, especially when you don’t understand heck of cleaning stuff, gels, bleeching solutions and all the others with the too hard names to remember. Nevertheless the bathroom is a part of the dwelling, where cleanness and neatness have to be at level “purity and heavenly skies”. Although this is an effect which is not goint to fall out of the skies just like that. And since you’re reading this you have to know that there are plenty of ways to clean your bathroom area with using nothing but natural ways.

The first place where your gaze falls upon is probably the mirror. And since you do not want to talk with that “stranger” in it behind the water spots, you have to deal with this problem which the moist causes to such surfaces.

So now… forget about all the stuff which you could buy at the department store. Forget about commercials and advertising videos about the perfect substamces to clean your bathroom.
There are few ways for you to clean up the mess and leave a clean trace.

Try to mix a 50/50 vinegar and water mix in a spray bottle. Then shake a bit the mixture. Use some old rags from cut-up t-shirts or newspaper (paper towels leave traces with this method) for the wiping. A great cloth material for the wiping is the microfiber. You have to use two pieces- one wet, one dry. Using their super powers you won’t need any mixed chemicals to treat the spots.

Actually the microfiber cloth is basically the best idea for cleaning flat surfaces. Such are the bath tub, shower, the tiles and shelves. If only one cloth is not enough, get yourself prepared with a special natural mixture of 50/50 vinegar/water solution. It will clean tile, shelves and their fronts and soap scum in the shower as well.

Another tip: A baking soda and water paste will clean stuck on gunk in the shower and tub as well (and in occasion the stains are really, really stubborn, use vinegar instead of water).

If it happens there is a grout on the tiles or elsewhere, do some sprinkling with baking soda and spray that thing with undiluted hydrogen peroxide. Scrub gently with a soft toothbrush and there you go- grouts are out!

Sometimes tubs can collect really, really tough messes. In this case a homemade scouring powder can deal with the problem great, though it isn’t needed for regular cleaning.

Toilets are not easier to be cleaned though. Nevertheless it’s a place that you may clean every single day. It’s a thing that you have to have in mind. Just for backing up your cleaning process and keeping things in control you could sprinkle some baking soda around the inside of the toilet to coat the surface. Wait for a while, then dump a cup of undiluted white vinegar into the water. Then, using toilet brush scrub a bit that mix and the chemical reaction of the baking soda and vinegar will remove all the stains and any lingering smell. This also works externally.

The best thing about all of those homemade products is that you can deal with the unpleasant odours for good. They are quite simple, rather cheap, and most of all really, really effective.

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